Affiliated Organizations

The Aquinas Center of Theology at Emory University

The Aquinas Center provides a Catholic scholarly presence, ecumenical in spirit, for the benefit of Emory University, the Archdiocese and the region. It assists inquiring persons to enhance their knowledge of the living Catholic tradition and to engage in the intellectual and moral life of the church.

Center for the Study of Law and Religion

The Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR) is dedicated to studying the religious dimensions of law, the legal dimensions of religion, and the interaction of legal and religious ideas and institutions, norms and practices. This study is predicated on the assumptions that religion gives law its spirit and inspires its adherence to ritual and justice. Law gives religion its structure and encourages its devotion to order and organization. CSLR's mission is to help the peoples of the world learn how law and religion can balance each other and ultimately stabilize international society and politics.

Emory Center for Ethics

An international leader in the exploration of ethics, the Emory Center for Ethics is dedicated to exploring how ethical issues underlie the decisions that shape our minds, lives and society. To do so, scholars from across the university gather at the Center to collaborate and study. The Center also hosts public programs, partners and consults with private and public community organizations, and teaches students at every level of university life. The Center is committed to asking tough questions and developing strategies to help enable people and organizations put ethics into practice.

Graduate Division of Religion

The Graduate Division of Religion (GDR) prepares scholars and teachers of religion and theology, requiring mastery of a specialized field in the context of a general knowledge of the study of religion and the varieties of religious expression and practice. The GDR brings together the resources of Emory in a rigorous interdisciplinary program of graduate doctoral education. The GDR is unique because of the collegiality and collaboration that characterize this mix: not only faculty working with students, but also theologians working with sociologists, ethicists working with lawyers, Islamicists working with Buddhist scholars, ethnographers working with historians.

Hispanic Theological Initiative

The Hispanic Theological Initiative’s (HTI) mission is to create and nurture a community of Latina/o scholars to service the academy and the church. Its primary goal is to increase the number of Latina/o students and faculty in theological education and, by doing so, better equip U.S. institutions to serve the growing Hispanic population. Candler is one of 17 member institutions of the The Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium (HTIC), committed to increasing the pool of Latina/o PhD graduates in theological and religious education.

Methodist Review

Methodist Review is an open access, peer-reviewed electronic journal which publishes scholarly articles in all areas and eras of Wesleyan and Methodist studies. Methodist Review is sponsored by Candler School of Theology. 

Office of Spiritual and Religious Life

The Office of the Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life seeks to fulfill its role in maintaining a religious, spiritual, ethical and moral presence in and to the University and to the Church. Consistent with the United Methodist historic commitment to minister in institutions of higher learning, as stated in the 1996 Book of Discipline, "The Church is aware of its responsibility to provide adequate professional ministry to persons in special situations beyond the local church which calls for an ecumenical ministry to persons of different denominations and faith groups." 

Practical Matters

Practical Matters is a publication of Emory University’s Graduate Division of Religion. It is a transdisciplinary multimedia journal of religious practices and practical theology that pushes the boundaries of both the study of religious practices and the discipline of practical theology. Practical Matters publishes a variety of media and genres, illuminating each of these areas and drawing connections between them.