Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Candler School of Theology is grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by the Wesleyan tradition of evangelical piety, ecumenical openness, and social concern. The school’s mission is to educate faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries throughout the world.



As a university-based seminary of The United Methodist Church, Candler is committed to:

  • teaching and learning to transform Christian congregations and public life
  • scholarship to inspire the production of knowledge in critical and collegial conversation with the traditions of both church and academy
  • openness to honor the voice of every member of the Candler community across lines of confessional difference, disability, race and ethnicity, gender and generation, social and sexual identity, cultural heritage and national origin
  • dialogue to foster an intentionally diverse community of learning
  • service to the world to form leaders dedicated to ministries of justice, righteousness, peace, and the flourishing of all creation

Mission Statement and Commitments adopted by the Candler Faculty, April 6, 2015


Vision Statement

Relying on the abundance of God’s Wisdom,
we envision
renewal through learning,
belonging assured, difference embraced, justice realized,
people alive to God’s work with all creation.

Vision Statement adopted by the Candler Faculty, May 1, 2023


Core Values

  • Candler encourages critical and faithful engagement with the Christian tradition.
  • Candler stands for the highest standard of intellectual and theological integrity.
  • Candler celebrates the value of diversity.
  • Candler promotes an ecumenical vision of the church.
  • Candler is dedicated to social justice.
  • Candler is a community of formative practices.

Statement of Diversity

At Candler, we are striving to cultivate a collaborative community that values diversity of culture, theology, ability, experience, and perspective, where all persons are equitably included. Our active engagement and sustained commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will help us continue to thrive.