About Candler

A theology school embedded in a top-tier university and a hub for Christian learning. A brave space for thinking, discussing, doing. A throughline connecting academics, praxis, and faith in context. People who trust that God is at work in this world and calling us to join.

Welcome to Candler

Candler School of Theology | Building

At a Glance

You won’t get the full picture of Candler without visiting us in person, but these facts and figures can help you outline a first quick sketch. You can fill in the colors and details as you get to know us better. For now, here’s Candler by the numbers.

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Candler School of Theology | Stained glass cross in window

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission statement describes what we do, our values tell how we do it, and our vision statement depicts the change we want to see in the world. These and other key statements outline our guiding principles and the ethos of our learning community.

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Candler School of Theology | Dean Love

From Dean Love

Like the people of the first century church, people at Candler come in every stripe. We reflect our unique selves and share our stories, honoring our differences. What unites us is our commitment to Jesus Christ, the church, and creating positive change.

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Candler History

Since its founding in 1914, Candler has reflected the trials and aspirations of the past century, while also helping to imagine and build a world more in tune with good news of the gospel. See the events that shaped who and what Candler is today.

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Candler School of Theology | Quad Red Deco
Candler School of Theology | Race at Candler Otis Turner