Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

At Candler, DEIB is more than a program. Our faith calls us to understand diversity as a gift from God, equity as a moral imperative, and inclusion and belonging as the fruits of the Spirit.

More than a program

At Candler, we strive to cultivate a collaborative community that values diversity of culture, theology, ability, experience, and perspective, where all persons are equitably included. Our active engagement and sustained commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion helps us thrive. We have programs, processes, and practices that advance this work among us.

But at Candler, diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than programs, processes, and practices. As a school of Christian theology, our deep theological commitments lead us to go beyond what’s simply required by law or expected culturally in relation to DEI. Our faith calls us to understand diversity as a gift from God, equity as a moral imperative, and inclusion and belonging as the fruits of the Spirit.



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A learning community that mirrors the world

A diversity of perspectives leads to new understanding

The richest educational communities are not homogenous. They are made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. They are spaces where multiple voices are valued, and dialogue and the exchange of ideas are encouraged. Candler has intentionally cultivated such a community, among the most diverse faculties and student bodies in theological education.


Students of Color (U.S)


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Countries Represented

From inclusion to belonging

We don’t always get it right, but we acknowledge the exclusion that pervades our society and the hurt that it causes. We work to alleviate this suffering, right the wrongs, and eventually, restore relationship.

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In a world marked by stark division, we take seriously the call to justice and inclusion for all people, moving toward true beloved community.

Jan Love, Dean of Candler School of Theology

Part of a committed whole

Emory University values diversity as integral to excellence. It is active in cultivating a safe and supportive culture that allows those from all walks of life to learn, work, teach, and grow.

Diversity at Emory
Candler School of Theology Diversity at Emory

Practices that promote progress

Professional Development and Leadership

Candler’s world-class faculty actively engages with anti-racist pedagogy and the work of decolonizing curricula. Many also take on DEI-related leadership roles in the broader Emory community and beyond.

Calibrating Climate and Culture

Made up of faculty, staff, and student representatives, Candler’s Community and Diversity Committee serves as an advisory, legislative, consultative, communicative, facilitative, and responsive entity that monitors the climate of community relations at Candler.

Education, Awareness, Accountability

Candler’s Office of Student Life provides all incoming students with comprehensive DEI training during orientation, as well as during first-year MDiv 505 courses. This prepares students to be active members of our diverse learning community and fosters welcoming different voices to the conversation.

photo grid of faces of Black faculty members

Celebrating Candler Black Excellence: Interviews with Faculty

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