Volunteer Leadership

Alumni who demonstrate a significant commitment to Emory are often chosen to hold volunteer leadership roles. They represent their fellow alumni before the school and university administration, and identify opportunities for the community.

Members of the Candler Alumni Board standing in the atrium


The Board of Advisors of Candler School of Theology is charged with advising the dean and senior staff on topics of strategic significance to Candler’s mission, particularly those related to the church, the communities Candler serves, and theological education.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Candler Alumni Board is to work collaboratively with Candler’s administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to assist strategic efforts of the school in the areas of development, recruitment, lifelong learning, student programming, and leadership formation; to prayerfully and financially support Candler’s mission to educate faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world, and to provide a representative alumni body that will advise the Candler Alumni Association.

Board Members

The Rev. Dr. Will Dyer, Jr. 08T – Chair
The Rev. Karen Kagiyama 91T – Vice Chair

The Rev. Dr. Nathan W. Attwood 02T
Mr. John E. Barnes II 17T,18T
The Rev. Dr. Emory Berry, Jr. 06T
The Rev. Aaron Brewer 15T, 23T
Dr. Tjuan Dogan 22T
The Rev. Jemiriye P. Fakunle 18T
The Rev. Jason Gattis 04T
The Rev. Alisha L. Gordon 15T
The Rev. Dr. Ted A. Goshorn 15T, 21T
The Rev. Kathryn Harper-Spellings 20T
The Rev. Brandon Harris 16T
Ms. Ty’Reanna Harris 22T
The Rev. Dr. Marques A. Harvey 13T
The Rev. Jenelle R. Holmes 14T,15T
The Rev. Dr. Ricky James 17T
The Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell 13T
The Rev. Joshua Miles 20T
The Rev. Denise Mullaney 03T
The Rev. Dr. Josh Noblitt 04T, 18T
The Rev. Christopher R. Rapko 11T
The Rev. Allison Sauls Sikes 15T
The Rev. Kyle A. Stevenson 18T
The Rev. F. Hillary Taylor 18T
Ms. Carrol Wilson 15T,26T
Rev. Jessica Vazquez Torres 13T
The Rev. Guhyun Hyun Kwon 06T

For additional information, please contact:
Raushanah N. Butler
Director of Alumni Engagement
Candler School of Theology
Emory University


The Committee of 100 was established by the Emory University Board of Trustees in April 1954; the first meeting was held in November of that year. Once established, the Committee was instrumental in creating a one percent giving plan for churches that has grown into the Ministerial Education Fund (MEF), which now supports The United Methodist Church’s 13 theological schools. The Committee has taken on the building and renovation of facilities, has established scholarships and other endowments at Candler and at local churches to benefit Candler, and has served as a sounding board for the Dean and as ambassadors for the School. The Committee of 100 remains one of the university’s significant advisory boards—continually advancing Candler and Emory University.

The Committee of 100 is comprised of clergy and laypersons with longstanding commitments to the life of the Church, primarily in the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United States. Appointments to the Committee are made by the dean of Candler School of Theology. Membership nominations are accepted from members of the Committee, university administration, faculty, development staff, alumni, and friends. Members serve three-year terms which may be extended at the request of the dean.


Members of the Committee of 100…

  • Provide feedback to the Dean on issues of mutual concern;
  • Serve as ambassadors for Candler by:
    • Remaining informed about the work of the School,
    • Maintaining a working knowledge of the strategic initiatives and funding priorities,
    • Hosting events in local churches and in the larger community;
  • Attend one meeting per year at Candler;
  • Participate in annual giving with a meaningful personal gift to Candler ($1,200 minimum to the Theology School Fund for Excellence, an endowment, capital project, or other program).

For additional information, please contact:
Bill Doerr
Assistant Dean of Advancement and Alumni Engagement

The Emory Alumni Board is tasked with developing and disseminating policies and overseeing the activities of the Emory Alumni Association. Candler’s representative on the EAB is Guhyun Kwon 06T.