Health & Safety

Candler students are welcome to take advantage of the many safety, health and wellness services and opportunities provided by Emory University.

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Emory University Student Health Services (EUSHS) provides outpatient care for enrolled Emory students with a valid Emory ID card.

Emory University Counseling & Psychological Services

Emory University’s Counseling & Psychological Services provides free, confidential counseling for enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Emory University. The Office of Student Life can provide guidance and more information on how to use this service.

Emory University Office of Health Promotion

The Emory University Office of Health Promotion engages students in creating a healthier campus, through developing individual wellness as well as advocating for others in crisis.

Office of Respect

The Office of Respect engages the Emory community in order to prevent and respond to sexual assault and relationship violence. Below are several questions that Candler students asked the Respect staff to answer.

  • How can I help? The sexual assault response guidelines provide some great tips for how to respond in a crisis. The key is to believe what the person you’re talking to is saying, to listen and not make decisions for her/him, and to connect her/him to resources.
  • Isn’t sexual assault prevention education inherently targeting men as perpetrators? Sexual assault prevention is about ending sexual assault and ensuring that no one lives in fear of or experiences violence. While the majority of perpetrators are male and the majority of survivors are female, sexual violence affects our entire society. Only 3 percent of men are perpetrators, but we all have a role in ending sexual violence. In addition, only 2 percent of reports of sexual violence are proven false, so the media attention indicating that “women” falsely report is inaccurate. We can all work together to end sexual assault, and men have powerful roles in that. I work closely with a lot of men doing this work, including several of my interns and student staff.
  • What are some websites that can connect me to resources in the community? Here are some key resources:
  • Where can I get more information about how to respond as clergy? A Candler student who worked with the Office of Respect program compiled an excellent list of resources, which is available in the Office of Student Life.

Emory University maintains campus athletic facilities, and provides programs and classes to encourage students to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Woodruff P.E. Center (WoodPEC)

The Woodruff P.E. Center offers group fitness classes, personal training, intramural sports, cardio and weight areas, and a swimming pool. Learn more.

Student Activity & Academic Center (SAAC)

The Student Activity & Academic Center provides facilities and opportunities for physical, intellectual, spiritual and social development. Learn more.

The Department of Accessibility Services is committed to advancing an accessible and “barrier-free” environment for its students, faculty, staff, patients, guests, and visitors by ensuring that the principles of access, equity, inclusion and learning are applied and realized in and by the Emory community.

Emory University maintains its own police department that manages law enforcement, fire safety and emergency medical services. Learn more.