Student Life

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Worship and Spiritual Formation

There are scores of opportunities to grow spiritually at Candler. One of the most dynamic is through worship. The community gathers for main chapel services on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Evensong on Wednesdays, and Eucharist on Fridays. With 40+ denominations represented among us, we worship together in many different styles and traditions, and God never fails to bless in both familiar and new ways.

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Candler School of Theology Academic Support

Academic Development and Support

At Candler, we want you to thrive. That’s why we offer a variety of programs and resources to help ensure your academic success. Whether you’re looking to refine your writing or sharpen your study skills, we can help you meet the demands of the classroom so you get the most from your education.

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Candler School of Theology Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

We encourage Candler students to take advantage of the many health and wellness services and opportunities provided by Emory University, from counseling services to recreation to group wellness activities, and more. Emory Healthcare is the largest, most comprehensive health system in Georgia, and university-sponsored plans are available to all degree-seeking and international students.

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International Students

From the very start of your time at Candler, we’ve got your interests in mind and at heart. We offer a variety of resources to support you so you can share your voice as a vital member of the community.

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Candler School of Theology Student Life International Students

Living Near Candler


Housing, Transportation & Schools

If relocating is part of your plan, you’ll be happy to know that Atlanta’s cost of living is lower than those of other major metropolitan areas. Emory is located outside the city center in a tree-lined residential area with ample pedestrian routes and public transportation access. There are apartments and house rentals within walking, biking, or a free shuttle ride’s distance from campus. Check out the variety of housing options available both close to campus and around Atlanta. And be sure to explore Candler’s formation communities to see if that might be just what you’re looking for. Can’t decide? Our housing coordinator is here to help!

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Explore Atlanta

Explore Atlanta

It’s an energetic place to live, an engaging place to study, and an exciting place to be! Candler’s vibrant hometown is a big city made up of the most welcoming small communities you’ll ever find. We have walkable, tree-lined neighborhoods, local and international farmers markets, seasonal festivals, and friendly people. It’s a place of optimism and global connection, of rich history and prophetic voice, of genre-bending arts and Grammy-winning music. There’s something for everyone in Atlanta—sports teams, cultural events, historic sites, fantastic restaurants, plus the great outdoors to enjoy.

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Candler School of Theology Student Life How to apply

Take the next step in becoming a Candler student

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