Candler Black Excellence

A multimedia exploration of Black faculty members’ accomplishments, scholarship, and wisdom.

Wisdom Together with Humility and Strength

In spring 2021, Candler launched the “Candler Black Excellence” initiative (CBE). The first phase of the initiative focuses on highlighting the school’s Black faculty through videos and podcasts. The theme of the faculty phase, “Wisdom together with humility and strength,” is based on the adinkra symbol Dwennimmen, which depicts two opposing sets of rams’ horns, representing humility, wisdom, learning, and strength in mind, body, and soul.

These conversations with faculty cover a range of topics: the faculty member’s notable contributions to Candler, the academy, the church and the world; their thoughts on teaching and guiding the next generation; their research in context; community and civic engagement; and church and denominational leadership. Watch and listen as Candler’s exceptional Black faculty share their wisdom with humility and strength.

Candler MDiv alumnus, AME minister, and current DMin student Elliott Robinson 16T, 25T served as project director for this phase of CBE.