World Methodist Evangelism Institute

The World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI), a cooperative missional ministry of World Evangelism (WME), World Methodist Council, and Candler School of Theology, offers additional opportunities for study and research in the nature and practice of evangelism. In partnership with churches around the world and using a multiracial and multinational faculty, the WMEI brings world evangelism leaders, lay and clergy, faculty and students together at Candler and at other places abroad, and sends faculty to different countries to share insights and learn from the experience of others.

Connecting, encouraging, mentoring, resourcing, training, and providing cross-cultural experiences in world evangelism, the WMEI has been instrumental in the work of strengthening the pan-Methodist/Wesleyan family as a movement that is mission driven, situated in time and space, in each culture and conjuncture. Annually, Candler students and students from other seminaries are permitted to enroll in the institute’s international and regional evangelism seminars for academic credit.

WMEI has continued to advance the work of the global pan-Methodist family throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to substantially increasing its direct and indirect contributions to the Wesleyan movement, WMEI promoted two major webinars in evangelism involving over 1,000 pastors and lay leaders from 21 countries (17 Spanish-speaking and four Portuguese-speaking nations).

Located on the Emory University campus, the Institute also provides opportunities for pastors and lay persons to earn continuing education credits while gaining experience in evangelism in other cultures, offers training in faith-sharing in a non-confrontational approach, and provides opportunities for Christian leaders and seminary students to engage in dialogue with other seminar participants and students from other seminaries across the world.

Visit the WMEI website for more information.

Contact WMEI director L. Wesley de Souza at or 404.727.7196.