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Elizabeth Johnson to Deliver March 27 Lecture on Caring for Creation
Candler and the Aquinas Center of Theology will welcome noted feminist theologian Elizabeth A. Johnson, CSJ, for a Dean's Lecture on Wednesday, March 27. Johnson's lecture, "Is God's Charity Broad Enough for Bears?", responds to a question first raised by 19th-century naturalist John Muir and launches her exploration of humanity's relationship to the natural world in the face of 21st-century ecological crises.

REAL International Engagement: Where Will You Go?
REAL International Engagement: Where Will You Go?
Arriving at Candler is only the start. From here, who knows where your studies might take you? From studying evangelism in South America to working for clean water in Haiti, dozens of Candler students have life-changing experiences each year in our varied international programs.
Candler Connection
This second Centennial edition of Connection carries us through to the close of Candler's 100-year anniversary celebration. While the first Centennial edition of the magazine reflected on the story of our first 100 years, this issue leads us into the realm of prophecy, as we consider how Candler is -- or can be -- an instrument of God's voice in the world.