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Staff & Office Directory

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General Information
Candler School of Theology
Rita Anne Rollins Building
1531 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

Telephone: 404.727.6322
Fax: 404.727.2494

Building Hours

Admissions and Financial Aid

The Admissions and Financial Aid Office assists prospective students with the application process, financial aid and scheduling campus visits. To request information on Candler's degree programs, please complete this online inquiry.

Admissions: candleradmissions@emory.edu
Financial Aid: candlerfinancialaid@emory.edu
Telephone: 404.727.6326
Fax: 404.727.2915

Mailing Address:
Emory University
Candler School of Theology
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
1531 Dickey Drive, Suite 301
Atlanta, GA 30322

Samuel Martinez

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Email: samuel.j.martinez@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6326

Ashly Cargle-Thompson

Associate Director of Financial Aid and Admissions

Email: acargle@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4403

Katy Daniel

Assistant Director of Operations and Communications

Email: katy.daniel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5247

Callie Hill

Admissions Analyst

Email: callie.faith.hill@emory.edu


Eugene Williams

Admissions Advisor

Email: eugene.preston.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2057

Rachel Williams

Admissions Advisor

Email: rachel.katherine.corbin@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2381

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Advancement and Alumni Engagement

The Advancement and Alumni Engagement Office provides support for donors, alumni and friends, answers questions about giving, volunteering and staying connected with the school.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 515
Telephone: 404.727.6352
Fax: 404.727.4699


Bill Doerr

Assistant Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement

Email: bill.doerr@emory.edu


Nefertiti Williams

Director of Alumni Engagement and Interim Chief Development Officer

Email: nefertiti.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4482

Claire Ferer

Coordinator of Advancement and Alumni Services

Email: claire.frost@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6352

Wendy Kelley

Senior Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Services

Email: wendy.kelley@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6835

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Aquinas Center

The Aquinas Center of Theology at Emory University provides a Catholic scholarly presence, ecumenical in spirit, for the benefit of Emory University, the Archdiocese and the region. It assists inquiring persons to enhance their knowledge of the living Catholic tradition and to engage in the intellectual and moral life of the church.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 259
: 404.727.8860

Mary Priniski

Executive Director, Aquinas Center

Email: mprinis@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.8860

Alice Cameron

Outreach Director

Email: alice.cameron@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.8860

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Baptist Studies

The Baptist Studies program prepares men and women for ordination in the Baptist church.

Location: Cannon Chapel, Room 204

Faculty Thumbnail

Khalia J. Williams

Assistant Dean of Worship and Music; Assistant Professor in the Practice of Worship; Co-Director of the Baptist Studies Program

Email: khalia.j.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6153

Faculty Thumbnail

Damon Williams

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Ministry; Co-Director of the Baptist Studies Program

Email: dwilliams@providenceatlanta.org

Telephone: 404.727.6350

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Black Church Studies

The Black Church Studies program prepares men and women for leadership in black and multiracial churches, and educates and engages the broader community on the origins, development and diversity of the black church tradition.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building

Faculty Thumbnail

Nichole R. Phillips

Associate Professor in the Practice of Sociology of Religion and Culture; Director of Black Church Studies

Email: nichole.r.phillips@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4001

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The Candler Foundry

The Candler Foundry provides theological explorations for congregations and individuals seeking to grow spiritually, engage deeply, and reflect on issues that matter to their communities. This program is an initiative of Candler School of Theology.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building
Telephone: 404.727.3164
Email: candlerfoundry@emory.edu

Faculty Thumbnail

Ryan Bonfiglio

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Old Testament and Director of The Candler Foundry

Email: rbonfig@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3164

Chrystal Golden

Program Coordinator, The Candler Foundry

Email: clgolde@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3324

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Catholic Studies

The Catholic Studies program prepares leaders and scholars for ministry in the Catholic Church and research in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building

Faculty Thumbnail

Antonio Eduardo Alonso

Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture and Director of Catholic Studies

Email: antonio.alonso@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1816

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Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 515

Laurel Davis Hanna

Director of Communications

Email: cstcommunications@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4481

Gordon Boice

Graphic Designer

Email: g.boice@emory.edu


Claire Asbury Lennox

Communications Specialist

Email: claire.asbury@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.9565

Lisa Stone

Digital Communications Manager

Email: lisa.stone@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4212

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Contextual Education

The Contextual Education Office oversees Contextual Education I and II, as well as Teaching Parish, Clinical Pastoral Education, and the Ministry Internship program.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 433B
Fax: 404.727.2494


Faculty Thumbnail

Letitia M. Campbell

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Ethics and Society; Director of Contextual Education I and Clinical Pastoral Education; Senior Program Coordinator, Laney Legacy Program in Moral Leadership

Email: letitia.campbell@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3704

Faculty Thumbnail

Thomas W. Elliott, Jr.

Associate Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology and Methodist Studies, Director of Contextual Education II, Teaching Parish Program, and Internships

Email: thomas.elliott@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3006

Carmen Toussaint

Senior Program Coordinator for the Office of Contextual Education

Email: carmen.toussaint@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4178

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Dean's Office

The Dean's Office provides administrative support for Dr. Jan Love, Dean of Candler School of Theology. To request an appointment with Dean Love, please contact Jenka Fyfe.

The Dean's Office also encompasses faculty and academic affairs, events planning, finance administration and human resources. Faculty and Academic Affairs is responsible for academic and curricular programs and planning, as well as acting as a liaison between Candler faculty and administration to address academic questions, concerns and policies. Please direct questions related to event planning to Alice Tarkington or call 404.727.9142.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 533
Fax: 404.727.2494


Faculty Thumbnail

Jan Love

Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Emory University; Mary Lee Hardin Willard Dean and Professor of Christianity and World Politics, Candler School of Theology

Email: jlove3@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6324

Faculty Thumbnail

Jonathan Strom

Professor of Church History; Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs; Director of International Initiatives

Email: jstrom@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6327

Lori Cromwell

Chief Business Officer

Email: lcromwe@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6321

Jenka Fyfe

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Email: jfyfe@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6154

Me'Ashia King

Senior Secretary, Office of the Dean

Email: me'ashia.king@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6324

Sara McKlin

Coordinator of Site Operations

Email: sara.mcklin@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6325

Don Newsome

Senior Accountant

Email: dnewsom@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0730

Ayanna Smith

Academic Affairs Operations Specialist

Email: assmit4@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6327

Alice Tarkington

Events Manager

Email: alice.tarkington@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.9142

Devon Thomas

Events Coordinator

Email: devon.richard.thomas@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1663

Audrey Turner

Senior Business Manager

Email: apturne@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4242

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Digital Learning

The Digital Learning office supports faculty as they work with Canvas, Zoom, and other digital learning tools. The office also works closely with the DMin program and digital initiatives throughout the curriculum.  
Faculty Thumbnail

Sarah Bogue

Assistant Professor in the Practice of the History of Christianity and Director of Digital Learning

Email: sbogue@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2824

Ryan Runager

Instruction Content Developer

Email: ryan.joseph.runager@emory.edu


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Episcopal and Anglican Studies

The Episcopal and Anglican Studies Program is a fellowship dedicated to equipping students for ministry in The Episcopal Church and all the churches in the Anglican Communion.

Location: Cannon Chapel, Room 308

Faculty Thumbnail

Lang Lowrey III

Professor in the Practice of Church Leadership; Director of the Episcopal and Anglican Studies Program

Email: pierce.lang.lowrey.iii@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4023

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Faculty Development & Support

The Faculty Development & Support Office assists faculty and staff with maintenance requests, ordering supplies, managing listservs, managing incoming and outgoing mail and more.

Please send an email requesting office supplies to Deborah van der Lande and include the smart key to be charged. Building repairs may be emailed to Sara McKlin, for placing work orders with Facilities Management.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 353
Telephone: 404.727.6322
Email: cstfss@emory.edu


Robyn Pollette

Manager of Faculty Development and Educational Support

Email: robyn.pollette@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2457

Deborah van der Lande

Administrative Assistant, Faculty Support Services

Email: dvande2@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.7380

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Graduate Division of Religion

The Graduate Division of Religion (GDR) is a unit of the Laney Graduate School, drawing on the resources of the Department of Religion in Emory College and Candler School of Theology.

Telephone: 404.712.6561
Fax: 404.727.7597

Mailing Address:
Emory University
Graduate Div. of Religion
S214 Callaway Memorial Center
537 Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322

Faculty Thumbnail

Joel M. LeMon

Associate Professor of Old Testament; Director of the Graduate Division of Religion

Email: jmlemon@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4181

Andy Boyles

Program Associate, Graduate Division of Religion

Email: aboyles@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6561

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Information Technology

The Information Technology Office provides information security, desktop support, and audiovisual and computer services for Candler.

For support for Candler-owned computers or printers, or for help with email, network or wireless issues, please fill out a service request form or contact csthelp@emory.edu. To request media services, including audiovisual equipment, recording and support services, please fill out the A/V Request form. For problems with the Candler website, contact cstweb@emory.edu.

Location: Candler School of Theology/Pitts Theology Library, Suite 562
404.727.6340 or 404.727.6712
Fax: 404.727.1772


Kenneth Lemons

Senior Manager of Information Technology

Email: kenneth.e.lemons@emory.edu


John Peterson

Senior Desktop Consultant

Email: jdpete2@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2983

Stanley Taylor

Senior Media Specialist

Email: stanley.taylor@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6712

Shamala Williams

Desktop and Multimedia Specialist

Email: shamala.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2801

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Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning program promotes continuing education for ordained clergy, diaconal ministers, church professionals and laity of all denominations.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 433A
Telephone: 404.727.0714

Richard Kravako

Program Coordinator for Lifelong Learning and United Methodist Studies

Email: rkravak@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1276

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Methodist Studies

The Methodist Studies program promotes the ethos of the Wesleyan heritage by offering a range of courses in Methodist studies, stewarding denominational and conference relations, mentoring candidates seeking ordination and organizing denominational activities.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 433A

Faculty Thumbnail

Anne Burkholder

Associate Dean of Methodist Studies; Professor in the Practice of Ecclesiology and Church Leadership

Email: anne.burkholder@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1351

Faculty Thumbnail

Kevin Murriel

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology and Black Methodist Seminarians Program Director

Email: kevin.rashad.murriel@emory.edu


Richard Kravako

Program Coordinator for Lifelong Learning and United Methodist Studies

Email: rkravak@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1276

Amy Walker

Associate Director of Methodist Studies

Email: amy.elizabeth.walker@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4587

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Pitts Theology Library

Pitts Theology Library is one of Emory University's six instructional libraries, and its collection of theological materials provides resources for the Candler School of Theology and Emory University community, as well as visitors from around the world. For reference questions, stop by the library, send an email, call the circulation desk to be routed to a librarian, or contact us online. Here, library users can send online instant messages to Pitts Theology Library reference staff to receive library assistance at their point of need. This service is available from 9 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Hours: http://www.pitts.emory.edu/about/hours.cfm

Location: Candler School of Theology/Pitts Theology Library, Room 200
Fax: 404.727.1219

Faculty Thumbnail

Richard (Bo) Manly Adams, Jr.

Director of Pitts Theology Library and Margaret A. Pitts Assistant Professor in the Practice of Theological Bibliography

Email: rmadams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4165

Brady Beard

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Email: brady.beard@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1218

Jamie Bostick

Library Logistics Assistant

Email: james.a.bostick@emory.edu


Yasmine Green

Stacks and Circulation Specialist

Email: yxgreen@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1237

Debra Madera

Special Collections Reference Assistant

Email: dmadera@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1223

Myron McGhee

Circulation Specialist, Sr.

Email: libmbm@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2652

Anne Marie McLean

Reference Librarian and Outreach Coordinator

Email: anne.marie.mclean@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5094

Ann McShane

Project Digital Asset Librarian

Email: ann.mcshane@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3677

Brinna Michael

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

Email: bamicha@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1220

Kailyn Middleton

Interlibrary Loan and Circulation Specialist

Email: kailyn.middleton@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1048

Elizabeth Miller

Reserves and Circulation Specialist

Email: elizabeth.miller@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5535

Fesseha Nega


Email: fnega@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5934

Spencer Roberts

Systems and Digital Scholarship Librarian

Email: swroberts@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1224

Caitlin Russell

Acquisitions, Serials, and Assessment Librarian

Email: caitlin.russell@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4058

Armin Siedlecki

Head of Cataloging

Email: asiedle@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5088

Brandon Wason

Curator of Archives and Manuscripts

Email: bwason@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1222

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The Registrar's Office maintains academic records and provides services for students, faculty, staff and alumni. Currently enrolled students, faculty, staff and alumni can access their academic and personal information, the most current course offerings, including enrollment information, online billing and order transcripts, among other things, through OPUS.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 534
Email:  candlerregistrar@emory.edu
Telephone: 404.727.0792 or 404.727.6480
Fax: 404.727.4373

Mailing Address:
Emory University
Candler School of Theology
Office of the Registrar
1531 Dickey Drive, Suite 534
Atlanta, GA 30322

Shelly Hart

Director of Academic Administration and Registrar

Email: shelly.hart@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6480

Kelly Garner Shannon

Coordinator, Academic Services

Email: kelly.shannon@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0792

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Religious Education Ministries

The Religious Education Ministries program prepares students for educational leadership in congregations, schools and communities, in the context of our diverse and changing world.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 422
Telephone: 404.727.4180

Faculty Thumbnail

Elizabeth Corrie

Associate Professor in the Practice of Youth Education and Peacebuilding; Director of the Religious Education Program

Email: ecorrie@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2917

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Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is the hub of student activity at Candler School of Theology.The Life at Candler News Hub, an online space for community life published by the Office of Student Life, informs the Candler community of news, promotes upcoming events and opportunities, and provides resources to enrich life at Candler.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Suite 311
: 404.727.4430


Ellen Echols Purdum

Assistant Dean of Student Life and Spiritual Formation; Episcopal Studies Contextual Education Supervisor

Email: ellen.echols.purdum@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4538

Sarah Carlson

Director of Career Services

Email: sarah.carlson@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3594

Allison Henderson-Brooks

Assistant Director of Student Life for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Office of Student Life; Program Coordinator, DMin Program

Email: amhend5@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4143

Sarah Kegley

TESL Instructor

Email: sarah.n.kegley@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1062

Quentin Samuels

Assistant Director of Student Life

Email: qsamuel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6987

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Women, Theology, and Ministry

The Women, Theology, and Ministry program educates women and men to be transformative leaders and advocates for the well being of girls and women in the church and in the world, through education, vocational formation and advocacy.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 428

Faculty Thumbnail

S. Ellen Shepard

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology; Director of the Women, Theology, and Ministry Program

Email: ellen.shepard@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4158

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World Methodist Evangelism Institute

The World Methodist Evangelism Institute is a cooperative ministry of World Evangelism, World Methodist Council and Candler School of Theology, and offers opportunities for study and research in the nature and practice of evangelism.

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 416
Email: wmei@emory.edu

Mailing Address:
Emory University
World Methodist Evangelism Institute
1531 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

Faculty Thumbnail

L. Wesley de Souza

Arthur J. Moore Associate Professor in the Practice of Evangelism; Director of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Email: l.wesley.de.souza@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.7196

Eliana Lillevik

Program Coordinator, World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Email: eliana.lillevik@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6344

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The Office of Worship coordinates worship services at Cannon Chapel, and provides resources for students, instructors, clergy and lay leadership in planning and leading worship.

Location: Cannon Chapel, Room 204

Faculty Thumbnail

Khalia J. Williams

Assistant Dean of Worship and Music; Assistant Professor in the Practice of Worship; Co-Director of the Baptist Studies Program

Email: khalia.j.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6153

Faculty Thumbnail

David B. Daniel

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Music Ministry; Director of Chapel Music

Email: david.brooks.daniel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3853

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Youth Theological Initiative and YTI IMPACT

The Youth Theological Initiative and YTI IMPACT partners with Candler's Religious Education Program on a certificate in youth ministry for MDiv and MTS students, and with students from Candler and Emory's Graduate Division of Religion on research and the YTI Summer Academy. Sign up to be added to the mailing list for the Summer Academy.

URL:  http://yti.emory.edu/index.html 

Location: Rita Anne Rollins Building, Room 436
Fax: 404.727.2494


Jill Weaver

Director of YTI and YTI IMPACT

Email: jweaver@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4239

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