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Pitts Theology Library Acquires Major English Bible Collection
Pitts Theology Library at Candler School of Theology has acquired a major collection of English Bibles and related literature containing more than 5,500 volumes and dating from the 16th century to today.
Number Our Days with Tom Long
Thomas G. Long, Everything Happens with Kate Bowler, March 16
On Tradition and the Passion Play
Susan Bigelow Reynolds, Commonweal, March 15
Deacons of Province 1 Hone Their Preaching Craft
Ryan Bonfiglio, Episcopal News Service, March 7
At graveside
Thomas G. Long, The Presbyterian Outlook, March 1
Is Christianity a Cult of the Dead?
Luke Timothy Johnson, Commonweal, February 27

REAL International Engagement: Where Will You Go?
REAL International Engagement: Where Will You Go?
Arriving at Candler is only the start. From here, who knows where your studies might take you? From studying evangelism in South America to working for clean water in Haiti, dozens of Candler students have life-changing experiences each year in our varied international programs.
Candler Connection
The last issue of Connection was published in fall of 2015. A lot has happened since then! In this issue, we’ll catch you up on the most significant happenings that have shaped our community in the interim. We’ll also consider the theme “Rethink,” as in The United Methodist Church’s campaign to “Rethink Church,” and Candler’s own innovations to think in a new way about pastoral leadership.