Lifelong Learning: The Candler Foundry

Lifelong Learning: The Candler Foundry

The Candler Foundry offers theological explorations designed to help individuals grow in their biblical, theological, and spiritual knowledge. Its goal is to make theological education accessible outside of Candler’s formal degree programs and in formats that are wise, engaging, and relevant to broader audiences, including ordained clergy, laity of all denominations, and those just curious about faith.

This ecumenical speaker series brings together leading thinkers in the church and the academy to give the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less. By packaging powerful ideas in bite-size talks, TheoEd aims to spark conversations that change the way people think about God, religion, and the power of faith to shape lives and communities. Access talks and associated small group discussion guides at

The Courses in the Community program offers in-depth learning opportunities led by Candler faculty and hosted in congregations and communities in and beyond Atlanta. Addressing a range of topics, each course is designed to connect biblical and theological reflection to issues and questions that are relevant to community life. Short courses range from 3-6 weeks and Master Classes range from 10-14 weeks in length. Click here to set up a course that’s right for your community.

The Bill Mallard Lay Theology Institute offers theology courses for laity of all denominations, in partnership with a variety of congregations. The seminars are taught by faculty from Candler School of Theology and professionals. Churches and Candler School of Theology serve as host sites for the courses. The curriculum provides excellent theological education for a lay, ecumenical student body. The goal of the Lay Theology Institute is to provide stimulating theological study to persons regardless of their religious or academic background.

Candler Course Access is dedicated to making Candler classes available to non-degree-seeking individuals. Clergy, lay leaders, alumni, or anyone interested in attending a theology class may apply to Course Access.

Course Access classes are not for credit and there are no tests or educational requirements. Academic credit may be earned by registering as a special, non-degree student.

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