Deanna Ferree Womack

Associate Professor of History of Religions and Interfaith Studies; Director of the Master of Religious Leadership (MRL) Program
Deanna Ferree Womack
Phone: 404.727.2974
    • PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2015
    • ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2008
    • MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2007
    • BA, Macalester College, 2004

    The Rev. Dr. Deanna Ferree Womack teaches courses on Christian-Muslim relations and interreligious dialogue and directs the Master of Religious Leadership Program. She served from 2015 to 2020 as director of the Leadership and Multifaith Program (LAMP), established with the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech. Womack came to Candler from Princeton Theological Seminary, where she earned her MDiv, ThM and PhD.

    Womack’s research combines commitments to interreligious understanding, Christian-Muslim dialogue, and world Christianity. Her first book, Protestants, Gender and the Arab Renaissance in Late Ottoman Syria (Edinburgh University Press 2019), explores encounters between American missionaries and Arab residents of Syria and Lebanon in the pre-World War I period. In particular, it uncovers the history of Syrian women writers and preachers who navigated cultural and religious boundaries in their experiences with missionaries. Womack’s second book, Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community (Westminster John Knox Press, 2020) examines the history of Christian-Muslim relations and the practices of interreligious dialogue in the United States today. Her current research focuses on themes of gender and violence in American Protestant discourses on Islam.

    Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Womack taught in Protestant schools in Lebanon before completing her doctoral work in world Christianity and the history of religions. She has lectured and published widely, and is a member of the American Society of Church History, the Middle East Studies Association, the International Association for Mission Studies and the American Academy of Religion, and holds a seat on the Youth Theological Initiative Advisory Board. Womack is the recipient of numerous awards for her scholarship, including honors from the American Academy of Religion and the Fund for Theological Education.

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    Selected publications

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    Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community, Westminster John Knox Press, 2020

    Protestants, Gender and the Arab Renaissance in Late Ottoman Syria, in Edinburgh University Press, 2019

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    Selected awards and honors

    Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community selected as one of the top ten recommended books for ministry for 2021 by The Academy of Parish Clergy

    Sabbatical Grant for Researchers, Louisville Institute, for "Imaging Islam: Gender, Race, and American Protestant Encounters with Muslims," 2021-2022

    Gerda Henkel Stiftung Grant for "How Gender Constructs Shaped Christian Encounters with Islam Case Studies from the Middle East and South Asia" research project

    Gerda Henkel Foundation Research Grant, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2019

    Brewer Fund Grant for Communities Research, 2018

    Carr Grant for travel to India, 2018

    Wabash Center Fellowship for "Interfaith Dialogue: Pedagogy and Practice," 2017-2018

    American Academy of Religion Status of Women in the Profession Mentoring Program, 2014-2015

    American Academy of Religion International Dissertation Research Grant

    Preserving Protestant Heritage in the Middle East Researcher Grant, Near East School of Theology in Beirut

    David M. Stowe Research Fellowship, Yale University Divinity School

    Fund for Theological Education Ministry Fellowship, 2004-2005,

    Robert A. Caine Memorial Prize in Religion, Macalester College

    The Fund for Theological Education Undergraduate Fellowship

    George W. Davis Memorial Prize in Religion, Macalester College

    Samuel Robinson Award, the Presbyterian Church (USA)

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    Selected Courses

    Global Religions and Community Engagement

    History and Practice of Christian-Muslim Relations

    Islam in America

    Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue