Gregory C. Ellison II

Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Gregory C. Ellison II
Phone: 404.727.7291
    • PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2008
    • MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002
    • BA, Emory University, 1999

    The Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Ellison II joined the Candler faculty in 2009. His teaching draws primarily from his work with the organization he founded called Fearless Dialogues, a non-profit organization that creates unique spaces for unlikely partners to have hard, heartfelt conversations on taboo subjects like racism, classism, and community violence. 

    Ellison’s research focuses on caring with marginalized populations, pastoral care as social activism, and 20th and 21st century mysticism. He is the author of Cut Dead But Still Alive: Caring for African American Young Men, and Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice and is the editor of Anchored in the Current: Discovering Howard Thurman as Educator, Activist, Guide, and Prophet.

    Ellison is a board trustee of the Forum for Theological Exploration, and a member of the Society for Pastoral Theology and the American Academy of Religion. At Emory, Ellison is a member of the Task Force on Community Memory, Difference, and Reconciliation. 

    Ellison has twice been the recipient of Candler’s “Faculty Person of the Year” award, in 2010-2011 and 2016-2017. Also, in 2014, Ellison received the Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award, Emory University’s most prestigious faculty teaching honor. He is an ordained Baptist minister who has served in Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

    Selected Publications

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    Editor,Anchored in the Current: Discovering Howard Thurman as Educator, Activist, Guide, and Prophet, Westminster John Knox Press, 2020

    Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice, Westminster John Knox, 2017

    Cut Dead But Still Alive: Caring for African American Young Men in Today's Culture, Abingdon, 2013

    Chapters and Articles

    "Impractical?: The Curious Life of a Scrappy Pastoral Theologian," in The Journal of Pastoral Theology, vol. 29, no.1, 2019

    "From Idea to Book: A Conversation with authors Duane Bidwell, Pamela Cooper- White, and Greg Ellison, hosted by Eileen Campbell-Reed," in Journal of Pastoral Theology, vol. 29, no. 1, 2019

    "Holy Activist and Wholly Other: Youth, Vocation, and the Problem of Fit," Princeton Theological Seminary Presidential Lecture, Princeton Theological Seminary Library Digital Collections, March 01, 2018

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    Selected Awards

    Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for research project "Fearing Less and Seeking Anchors: Interactive Digital Platforms to Enhance Pastoral Leadership in Uncertain Times," 2020

    Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice recognized as one of "The Best Spiritual Books of 2017" by Spirituality and Practice and Decatur Book Festival's 2018 winner of Judy Turner Book Prize for Best Book on Community

    Fearless Dialogues Awarded by Atlanta Hawks as Community Organization of the Year

    Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice recognized by a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly, 2017

    Invitation to join Think Tank sponsored by the Fetzer Institute to Practicing Democracy Project

    Faculty Person of the Year, Candler School of Theology, 2016-2017

    Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award, Emory University

    Research Leave Grant for First or Second Book, Louisville Institute, 2012-2013

    Faculty Person of the Year, Candler School of Theology, 2010-2011

    Baccalaureate Speaker, Candler School of Theology

    Postdoctoral fellowship in Practical Theology and Religious Practices, Emory University, 2008-2009

    Expanding Horizons Dissertation Fellow, Fund for Theological Education, 2007-2008

    Scholar-in-Residence, Historic Concorde Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, 2004-2005

    Doctoral Fellowship, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2003-2008

    Expanding Horizons Doctoral Fellow, Fund for Theological Education, 2003-2004

    "Faithfulness with Special Guest Dr. Gregory Ellison II" on the "For People with Bishop Rob Wright" Podcast, September 17, 2021

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    "Gregory Ellison II: Fearlessly Encountering God and Each Other" - Reports from the Spiritual Frontier podcast episode, October 11, 2019 

    Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story. Featured in this Emmy Award Winning PBS Documentary with contributors such as John Lewis, Vernon Jordan, Barbara Brown Taylor, Luther Smith, Jesse Jackson, and Otis Moss, Jr., released February 2019

    "Gregory C. Ellison II: 'It's good to see you. Welcome to Fearless Dialogues. Are you ready for change?'" - Interview with Faith & Leadership, February 19, 2019

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    "In passionate speech, Obama bares his Black self," Associated Press, July 2013

    "Learning to Notice Marginalized Teenagers" - The Youth Cartel, March 3, 2013

    Selected Courses

    A.C.T.I.O.N. Research Methods: Methods, Social Change, and the Vocation of the Researcher

    Blessed are the Uninvited: Quakerism, Womanism, and the Innovative Power of Liberating Circles

    Care-Full Preaching

    Care of Souls, Care of World

    Caring with Adolescents

    Caring for Marginalized Populations

    Caring with Marginalized Populations II: From Theory to Practice

    Confessions 'Round Midnight: An Integrative Examination of Augustine's Confessions, Black Literary Figures, and Improvisational Jazz

    Fearless Dialogues First Year Course

    Fearless Dialogues in Church and Community

    Historical and Global Perspectives of Pastoral Care and Counseling 

    Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling  

    Moral Leadership in International Context

    Psychologies of Power

    SELF.CARE.HOPE.: Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

    Spirituality, Silence, and Social Action