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Candler Faculty Alphabetical Directory

Candler Faculty

Abbington, James

Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship

Email: wabbing@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.712.4602

Candler Faculty

Adams, Richard (Bo)

Director of Pitts Theology Library and Margaret A. Pitts Assistant Professor in the Practice of Theological Bibliography

Email: rmadams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4165

Candler Faculty

Albrecht, Timothy E.

Professor of Church Music; Professor of Music; University Organist

Email: talbrec@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6452

Candler Faculty

Alonso, Antonio Eduardo

Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture and Director of Catholic Studies

Email: antonio.alonso@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1816

Candler Faculty

Ayres, Jennifer R.

Associate Professor of Religious Education; Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Email: jrayres@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6329

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Candler Faculty

Bogue, Sarah

Assistant Professor in the Practice of the History of Christianity and Director of Digital Learning

Email: sbogue@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2824

Candler Faculty

Bonfiglio, Ryan

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Old Testament and Director of The Candler Foundry

Email: rbonfig@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3164

Candler Faculty

Bounds, Elizabeth M.

Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

Email: ebounds@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4172

Candler Faculty

Brelsford, Theodore

Affiliate Associate Professor of Religion and Education

Email: tbrelsf@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Briggman, Anthony A.

Associate Professor of Early Christianity

Email: anthony.a.briggman@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6342

Candler Faculty

Burkholder, Anne

Associate Dean of Methodist Studies; Professor in the Practice of Ecclesiology and Church Leadership

Email: anne.burkholder@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1351

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Candler Faculty

Campbell, Letitia

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Ethics and Society; Director of Contextual Education I and Clinical Pastoral Education; Senior Program Coordinator, Laney Legacy Program in Moral Leadership

Email: letitia.campbell@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3704

Candler Faculty

Choi, Jaehyoung

Mission Practitioner in Residence

Email: jaehyoung.choi@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Corrie, Elizabeth

Associate Professor in the Practice of Youth Education and Peacebuilding; Director of the Religious Education Program

Email: ecorrie@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2917

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Candler Faculty

Daniel, David B.

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Music Ministry; Director of Chapel Music

Email: david.brooks.daniel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3853

Candler Faculty

de Souza, L. Wesley

Arthur J. Moore Associate Professor in the Practice of Evangelism; Director of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Email: l.wesley.de.souza@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.7196

Candler Faculty

Doyle, Tara

Senior Research Fellow

Email: tndoyle@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.9416

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Candler Faculty

Elliott, Jr., Thomas W.

Associate Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology and Methodist Studies, Director of Contextual Education II, Teaching Parish Program, and Internships

Email: thomas.elliott@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3006

Candler Faculty

Ellison, II, Gregory C.

Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Email: gelli01@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.7291

Candler Faculty

Erdozain, Dominic

Research Fellow

Email: dominic.f.erdozain@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Erskine, Noel Leo

Professor of Theology and Ethics

Email: nerskin@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4175

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Candler Faculty

Fluker, Walter Earl

Dean's Professor of Spirituality, Ethics, and Leadership

Email: walter.fluker@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Franklin, Robert M.

James T. and Berta R. Laney Professor in Moral Leadership

Email: rmfrank@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4176

Candler Faculty

Frederick, Marla

Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Religion and Culture

Email: marla.frederick@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6322

Candler Faculty

Fry Brown, Teresa L.

Bandy Professor of Preaching

Email: teresa.brown@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4436

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Candler Faculty

Goodpaster, Larry M.

Bishop-in-Residence and Director of the Early Career Pastoral Leadership Program

Email: lmgoodpaster@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0734

Candler Faculty

Greene, Alison Collis

Associate Professor of American Religious History; Director of the Master of Theological Studies Program

Email: alison.collis.greene@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1964

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Candler Faculty

Hanciles, Jehu J.

D.W. and Ruth Brooks Associate Professor of World Christianity; Director of the World Christianity Program

Email: jjhanciles@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4219

Candler Faculty

Hicks, Douglas A.

Affiliate Professor of Religion

Email: douglas.hicks@emory.edu

Telephone: 770.784.8300

Candler Faculty

Hunt, Alice

Affiliate Faculty

Email: alice.wells.hunt@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Hylen, Susan E.

Associate Professor of New Testament

Email: susan.hylen@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3378

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Candler Faculty

Jackson, Timothy P.

Professor of Christian Ethics

Email: tjack05@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0818

Candler Faculty

Jones, Arun W.

Dan and Lillian Hankey Associate Professor of World Evangelism; Director of the Master of Theology Program

Email: arun.w.jones@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1089

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Candler Faculty

Kemp, Joel

Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible

Email: joel.bernard.kemp@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Kim, Helen Jin

Assistant Professor of American Religious History

Email: helenjkim@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4073

Candler Faculty

Kutsko, John F.

Affiliated Faculty

Email: john.kutsko@sbl-site.org


Candler Faculty

Kwok, Pui Lan

Dean's Professor of Systematic Theology

Email: pkwok@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6339

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Candler Faculty

Lambelet, Kyle

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Theology and Ethics

Email: kyle.lambelet@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1820

Candler Faculty

Lartey, Emmanuel Y.

Charles Howard Candler Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Care

Email: elartey@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6594

Candler Faculty

LeMon, Joel M.

Associate Professor of Old Testament; Director of the Graduate Division of Religion

Email: jmlemon@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4181

Candler Faculty

Lösel, Steffen

Associate Professor in the Practice of Systematic Theology

Email: sloesel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2816

Candler Faculty

Love, Jan

Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Emory University; Mary Lee Hardin Willard Dean and Professor of Christianity and World Politics, Candler School of Theology

Email: jlove3@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6324

Candler Faculty

Lowrey, Lang

Professor in the Practice of Church Leadership; Director of the Episcopal and Anglican Studies Program

Email: pierce.lang.lowrey.iii@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4023

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Candler Faculty

Marquardt, Marie Friedmann


Email: marie.t.marquardt@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Marshall, Ellen Ott

Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Conflict Transformation

Email: ellen.marshall@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1214

Candler Faculty

McDougall, Joy Ann

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Email: jamcdou@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6808

Candler Faculty

McFarland, Ian

Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Theology

Email: ian.mcfarland@emory.edu


Candler Faculty

Murriel, Kevin

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology and Black Methodist Seminarians Program Director

Email: kevin.rashad.murriel@emory.edu


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Candler Faculty

Nam, Roger

Professor of Hebrew Bible

Email: rnam@emory.edu


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Candler Faculty

Pacini, David S.

Professor of Historical and Philosophical Theology

Email: dpacini@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4052

Candler Faculty

Phillips, L. Edward

Associate Professor of Worship and Liturgical Theology

Email: lphill6@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1257

Candler Faculty

Phillips, Nichole R.

Associate Professor in the Practice of Sociology of Religion and Culture; Director of Black Church Studies

Email: nichole.r.phillips@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4001

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Candler Faculty

Reynolds, Philip Lyndon

Charles Howard Candler Professor of Medieval Christianity; Aquinas Professor of Historical Theology

Email: lreynol@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0813

Candler Faculty

Reynolds, Susan

Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies

Email: susan.bigelow.reynolds@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6322

Candler Faculty

Rogers, P. Alice

Associate Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology

Email: alice.rogers@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.634.3936

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Candler Faculty

Saliers, Don E.


Email: dsalier@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.493.2370

Candler Faculty

Shepard, S. Ellen

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology; Director of the Women, Theology, and Ministry Program

Email: ellen.shepard@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4158

Candler Faculty

Smith, Ted A.

Professor of Preaching and Ethics

Email: ted.smith@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4231

Candler Faculty

Snarey, John

Franklin Parker Professor of Human Development and Ethics

Email: jsnarey@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4185

Candler Faculty

Soulen, R. Kendall

Professor of Systematic Theology

Email: kendall.soulen@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.7372

Candler Faculty

Strom, Jonathan

Professor of Church History; Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs; Director of International Initiatives

Email: jstrom@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6327

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Candler Faculty

Watson, Kevin M.

Associate Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies

Email: kevin.watson@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4194

Candler Faculty

Williams, Damon

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Ministry; Co-Director of the Baptist Studies Program

Email: dwilliams@providenceatlanta.org

Telephone: 404.727.6350

Candler Faculty

Williams, Khalia J.

Assistant Dean of Worship and Music; Assistant Professor in the Practice of Worship; Co-Director of the Baptist Studies Program

Email: khalia.j.williams@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6153

Candler Faculty

Wilson, Walter T.

Charles Howard Candler Professor of New Testament

Email: walter.wilson@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4053

Candler Faculty

Womack, Deanna Ferree

Assistant Professor of History of Religions and Multifaith Relations

Email: deanna.f.womack@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2974

Candler Faculty

Wright, Jacob L.

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

Email: jacob.wright@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4157

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Candler Faculty

Yin, Peng

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: yin.peng@emory.edu


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