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Candler School of Theology lies at the heart of Emory University's commitments, campus and tradition. In turn, the university creates a unique and remarkable laboratory for shaping exceptional ministers, advocates, educators and leaders.

Our alumni—over 8,300 and counting—are real people making a real difference in the real world. They follow their hearts–and apply their gifts–in endless directions.

The alumni, friends and donors that make up the Candler community play a critical role. By getting involved in events, donating time or money, and staying engaged online, you are helping Candler fulfill its mission to educate—through scholarship, teaching and service—faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world.


Investing in Candler has never been easier. You can make an annual gift, create or support an endowed fund, and invest in scholarships. You also may invest in Candler with a bequest or life income gift, which can provide for you and your family, create tax benefits, and leave an important legacy for education, research, or community service at Candler.

Make a gift now.

Funding Priorities

Alumni and friends who invest in Candler are helping the school build upon its clear strengths in educating active religious leaders and first-rate scholars. Your gifts help Candler lead with wisdom, clarity, compassion and tolerance the urgent conversations among the streams of Christianity and with other religions of the world.

Student Support
Candler School of Theology strives to meet the financial needs of students in a variety of ways. Candler scholarships come from several sources, including:

  • income from endowed scholarship funds

  • annual gifts directed to scholarship programs

  • Candler School of Theology's operating funds

Giving Opportunities
Some endowment gifts include naming opportunities.

  • Candler Advantage endowed scholarships and stipends: $100,000

  • Theology School Fund for Excellence (annual fund): any amount

Endowed Professorships
With expertise across the spectrum from the classical to the practical fields, Candler faculty members strive to enhance the quality of religious and public life. Your gift will create endowed professorships to recruit and support the best faculty, scholars who strengthen Candler's commitment to serve Christ by educating faithful and creative leaders for the church's ministries in the world.

Endowed gifts to Candler ensure support for today and far into the future. Endowed professorship gifts are guaranteed through named endowment funds, and a major portion of the interest income provides financial support as outlined in the gift agreement. The remainder of the interest income is returned to the fund's corpus to protect against inflation and permit the endowment to grow over time. In this way, endowed gifts have far greater earning power: A one-time gift lasts forever.

Giving Opportunities
The following giving levels are accompanied by naming opportunities.

  • Endowed Distinguished Professorship: $3 million

  • Minister in Residence Endowment: $1 million

  • Endowed Faculty Scholar: $750,000

  • Endowed Lecture Series: $250,000 OR Non-Endowed Lecture Series: $50,000

Programs and Curriculum Development
Initiatives in denominational studies, religious practices, contextual education, and the faith lives of today's youth strengthen Candler's curriculum. Your gift will allow for the enhancement of these programs, ensure a strong student affairs program, and fill our facilities with international representations of Christian art.

Giving Opportunities
Annual and endowment gifts are needed to support program endowments which may be established with a minimum gift of $100,000.

Anglican Studies Program endowment
For those seeking ordination, formation for priesthood is based on a program centered on collegial reflection on student placements in carefully supervised Episcopal parishes and enriched by the weekly celebration of the Eucharist and the preparation of the proper Scripture lessons appointed for the week. Episcopal formation also includes ecumenical education in general theological studies, special academic work concentrating in liturgical studies, theology in the Episcopal tradition, worship from the Book of Common Prayer, and regular training in the spiritual practices of the priesthood.

Baptist Studies Program endowment
Baptist students at Candler come from all the major branches of the Baptist family: Alliance of Baptists, American Baptists, Cooperative Baptists, the National Baptist Conventions, Progressive Baptists, and Southern Baptists--not to mention smaller Baptist groups. In addition to the core classes, the Baptist Studies Program includes opportunities for Baptist students to get to know one another and work together, typically in conjunction with a Baptist faculty member.

Black Church Studies Program endowment
Candler's Program of Black Church Studies prepares men and women to provide learned, prophetic, and compassionate leadership in black and multiracial churches; and, educates the entire Candler community about the origins, development, and contemporary diversity of the black church tradition. The program also explores religious traditions among peoples of African descent across Africa and the diaspora. The program seeks to integrate black church studies into foundational courses at Candler and to expand and deepen black church studies courses.

Contextual Education Program endowment
Contextual Education combines academic instruction with opportunities for formation in ministry and leadership in churches, social service agencies, hospitals and other clinical and social settings. Candler's unique commitment to contextual theology and theological education is formalized through the four-semester sequence, Contextual Education I and Contextual Education II, required for all MDiv students.

Methodist Studies Program
The Methodist studies program promotes the ethos of the Wesleyan heritage through course offerings and programs for United Methodists and the Pan Methodist community. The director of Methodist studies coordinates course offerings in United Methodist history, doctrine, and polity that meet the requirements for ordination set forth in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

Women, Theology and Ministry Program endowment
Candler's Women, Theology and Ministry program prepares women to provide transformative leadership in the church and the broader community. The program seeks to fulfill this purpose through assisting in vocational discernment and development of professional identity and leadership abilities, fostering an intellectual community for women students and alumnae, encouraging creative and constructive scholarship about women and religion, and advocating for women's issues in the church and world.

Youth Theological Initiative endowment
Since 1993, YTI has been a center for research and the theological education of youth and youth ministers. The YTI Summer Academy gathers about 40 rising high school seniors from across the country to Emory University for a three-week experience in Christian theological education. Our goal is to cultivate public theologians for the church and world and foster opportunities to explore questions that shape us.

International Initiatives
A welcoming community to international scholars and students alike, Candler seeks to strengthen the teaching-learning experience with international exchange programs and financial and program support for international students. Your gift will ensure that Candler fully engages the world of the Christian faithful.

Giving Opportunities
Scholarship endowments may be established with a minimum gift of $100,000. Program endowments may be established with a minimum gift of $100,000. The amounts listed below are for full endowments.

  • Endowed directorship, international program: $2.5 million

  • Endowed international exchange program: $1 million

  • Endowment for international students: $500,000

  • Endowment for faculty international travel: $200,000

Emory's Naming Policy

Endowment-level gifts provide opportunities for naming.

Endowment Funding Minimums by Type

Endowed Leadership Position

  • $5 million minimum gift—or more, depending upon the size and scale of the unit.
  • To provide discretionary funds to support the strategic vision of the academic or non-academic unit, as determined by the Dean, Director, or Vice President.
  • In such cases, the position—not a specific person—is supported by the endowment.

Endowed Distinguished Professorship

  • $3 million minimum gift.
  • To recruit, retain, and reward superior faculty members at the highest level of stature and recognition in their field.
  • To enhance the faculty member's scholarly efforts and/or research program. 
  • In such cases, the position and/or specific discipline—not a specific person—is supported by the endowment.

Endowed Professorship

  • $1.5 million minimum gift.
  • To recruit, retain, and reward outstanding faculty members in their field.
  • To enhance the faculty member's scholarly efforts and/or research program.
  • In such cases, the position and/or specific discipline—not a specific person—is supported by the endowment.

Endowed School/Unit-based Program Leader

  • $1 million minimum gift—or more, depending upon the size and scale of the unit.
  • To support a school-based program, awarded to the leadership of such a program.
  • To provide discretionary funds to support the strategic vision of the unit, as determined by the Unit Director or Department Chairperson.
  • In such cases, the position—not a specific person—is supported by the endowment.

Endowed Faculty Scholar

  • $750,000 minimum gift.
  • For any rank of existing or visiting faculty member.
  • For research and teaching efforts, and for visiting scholars while in residence.
  • In such cases, the position and/or specific discipline—not a specific person—is supported by the endowment.

Endowed Student Fellowship

  • $300,000 minimum gift.
  • To support a student’s study, training, or research.
  • Academic merit and/or financial need may be a consideration.
  • The donor may suggest other preferential criteria.

Endowed Scholarship

  • $100,000 minimum gift.
  • $250,000 minimum gift if preferences named.
  • To support an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Academic merit and/or financial need may be a consideration.
  • Preferences may include but not limited to choice of area of study, geographic location, within United States of America, and student involvement.

Endowed Lecture Series

  • $250,000 minimum gift.
  • To be used to cover all or most of the expenses associated with planning and implementing lectures in specific areas and/or on specific topics.
  • The endowed fund and the Lecture or Lecture Series may carry the name of the donor, or someone of his/her choosing, in recognition of the gift.
  • Can pay administrative costs, publications, advertising, travel, lodging, and honoraria.

Endowed Program Support

  • $100,000 minimum gift.
  • To support specific or general programs of Emory or of a particular unit/department.
  • Can support areas such as faculty, staff, students, operations, research, etc.
  • May be at the discretion of a Dean, Director, Unit Director, or Department Chairperson.

Endowed Book Fund

  • $50,000 minimum gift.
  • To purchase books, library technology, or other materials in a specified field.
  • May also be used for preservation of books.
  • May also be used for repair, cataloging, and other expenses of the library.

Endowed Award

  • $50,000 minimum gift.
  • To provide stipends to students, faculty, or staff in recognition of outstanding academic merit or achievement and/or exemplary service or performance in a competition.

Non-Endowed Lecture Series

  • $50,000 minimum gift.
  • To be used to support a term lectureship without any provision for endowment requires a minimum gift commitment of $50,000, payable at a minimum rate of $10,000 per year for not less than five years. Can pay administrative costs, publications, advertising, travel, lodging, and honoraria.

Endowed Laboratory

  • $350,000 minimum gift, depending on the discipline and size and scope of the program.
  • To be used for equipment, research, and general laboratory support.

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Resources & Services

The Advancement and Alumni Engagement Office serves the needs of Candler alumni and friends, in providing the following resources and services:

Cannon Chapel sermons on Apple Podcasts and Vimeo

Pitts Theology Library

Transcript requests

ATLAS database

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Stay Connected

Stay connected with Candler—and our 8,300+ alumni! We produce a monthly e-newsletter and have a Facebook page. Be sure to update your personal information so that we can stay connected with you. Check the schedule for upcoming events, and come back to campus to visit.

Update your contact information
Be sure to update your personal information so that we can stay connected with you.

Monthly e*news
Each month the alumni engagement department sends out an email newsletter to update you on the latest news and events. Sign up to receive the e-newsletterAccess the archive.

Connection Magazine
Candler Connection is the magazine for alumni and friends of Candler School of Theology, designed to foster community among Candler alumni around the world. Read the latest issue.

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Get Involved

Attend an event
Check the events calendar for activities alumni are welcome to participate in.

Through the Emory Alumni Association, Candler provides opportunities to reconnect with students, faculty and the larger community, including mentoring, public speaking, volunteer work, admissions counseling and career advising. For more information, visit the association on the web.

Alumni can call prospective students, write thank you notes to donors, host a Candler gathering, be a part of a reunion committee, and much more. If you are interested in volunteering, please email or call 404.727.6352.

Nominate a distinguished alum
The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni whose service to God, the church, the community, and Candler has been made with distinction. Submit a nomination.

Refer a student
Do you know someone who would be interested in learning more about attending Candler? Contact our Admissions office.

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Continuing Education

Online events
Candler, affiliated organizations, and Pitts Theology Library offer webinars, workshops, and other online events that are free and open to alumni. Learn more about upcoming events

Candler degrees
Candler’s Doctor of Ministry, Master of Religious Leadership and Master of Religion and Public Life degree programs are intended for professionals in health care, law and many other fields—including ministry—who need help navigating the theological challenges they face on the job. Learn more about our degrees.

Lifelong Learning
Through a variety of continuing education programs, Candler promotes ongoing learning for ordained clergy, diaconal ministers, church professionals and laity of all denominations. Learn more.

Auditing courses
Individuals not seeking a degree may audit Candler courses. Learn more.

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Volunteer Leadership

Alumni who demonstrate a significant commitment to Emory are often chosen to hold volunteer leadership roles. They represent their fellow alumni before the school and university administration, and identify opportunities for the community.

Candler Alumni Board
The Candler Alumni Board supports the school’s strategic plan and mission, and represents the school’s alumni.

Committee of 100
The Committee of 100 is comprised of clergy and laypersons with longstanding commitments to the Church. Member responsibilities include advising the Dean, serving as ambassadors for Candler and participating in annual giving.

Emory University Leadership
The Emory Alumni Board is tasked with developing and disseminating policies and overseeing the activities of the Emory Alumni Association. Candler's representative on the EAB is Guhyun Kwon 06T.

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Contact Us

The Advancement and Alumni Engagement staff are available to answer your questions and assist you in any way with your philanthropic interests, as well as share with you the opportunities for volunteering and getting involved with the school.

bill-doerr.jpgBill Doerr
Assistant Dean of Advancement and Alumni Engagement 

Raushanah ButlerRaushanah Butler
Director of Alumni Engagement

Martha PerusekMartha Perusek
Director of Development I


Telephone: 404.727.6352

Fax: 404.727.4699

Mailing Address:
Candler School of Theology
Advancement and Alumni Engagement
1531 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

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"Accepting one's call to ministry can be spiritually awakening and financially unsettling. Candler extended first-class service in helping me secure funding so my commitment to social change and justice becomes a reality."
-Donnell Williamson, MDiv '18