Employment Opportunities

Candler students typically fill 100+ jobs across Emory’s campus, earning money while pursuing their studies

So many choices!

Candler’s student workers learn valuable skills in settings like the offices of Admissions or Communications (you could be guiding tours or updating this website), supporting the staff at Pitts Theology Library (it will spoil you for every other library), and helping faculty members with research. The point is, there are lots of opportunities, and one might be just right for you.

You can check out Candler’s Job Board now to see what’s available on campus at Candler and which churches and local organizations have posted positions for the Candler community. Additionally, once you arrive on campus for your first week of classes, you’ll get access to the Emory jobs board on Handshake, where you’ll be able to see hundreds of jobs and submit your resume for review. And who knows? As you progress in your studies, you may be inspired to explore a particular career direction through a part-time opportunity at Candler or a local church, school, or nonprofit. If you’re applying for financial aid, you’ll automatically be considered for a Federal Work-Study award as part of your financial aid package.

We’ve even got your future employment in mind! Starting at orientation, Candler weaves professional development into your education so you gain the tools, skills, and polish you need to pursue your career goals. What’s more, we will continue to work with you after you graduate, partnering with you to help make your career vision a reality.