Social Work and Theology

Dual Degree Master's Program

A dual Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work (MDiv/MSW) allows students to combine training and experience in social work with theological studies and formation for ministry. The MSW, offered through the University of Georgia, offers an enhanced awareness and engagement of public resources for community development and empowerment; skills for advocacy and social policy analysis; program design, methods, and administration of community-based agencies and programs; organizational analysis; and knowledge and experience of clinical practices in fields such as gerontology, and individual and family therapy.

A student applies to each school separately as the schools maintain independent application procedures. Once admitted to both schools, students apply for the dual degree program and are assigned advisers at each school. This program allows the MDiv/MSW degrees to be earned in four years, one year shorter than if the theology and social work degrees were pursued separately.

Typically the first year is spent at Candler, the second and third years at UGA’s School of Social Work, and the fourth year at Candler. The student must register and pay for four semesters at Candler and four semesters at UGA. Candler scholarships are applicable only to those semesters in which students are in residency at the School of Theology.

Degree Requirements

In order to meet degree requirements for the MDiv, the student must complete a minimum of 57 hours at Candler. All requirements are the same as for a traditional MDiv student but for a the waiving of the Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and/or Global Contexts (REGG) course because MSW courses provide the kind of content intended by this MDiv requirements, the reduction of the Practical Theology requirement from 9 hours to 6 hours, and the elimination of the required elective hours. Students may fulfill some of the 68 hours requirement at Candler during their semesters at UGA by enrolling in Candler coursework via ARCHE cross-registration when possible. In order to meet degree requirements for the MSW, the student must complete all requirements as specified by UGA at the University of Georgia’s School of Social Work through the full-time MSW program. Students who qualify for advanced standing in the MSW program due to completion of a BSW may still participate in the dual MDiv/MSW program.

For additional information about the MSW portion of the MDiv/MSW, contact the UGA School of Social Work at (877) 535-6590. For information on the MDiv portion of the MDiv/MSW, contact the Candler registrar.