Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Continuing education at Candler is designed to meet the ongoing educational needs of ordained clergy, diaconal ministers, church professionals and laity of all denominations who want to grow in their theological, spiritual and biblical knowledge. For ministers who have already received their MDiv and have at least three years' experience, Candler offers an online/hybrid Doctor of Ministry degree.

The Bill Mallard Lay Theology Institute offers theology courses for laity of all denominations, in partnership with a variety of congregations. The seminars are taught by faculty from Candler School of Theology and professionals. Churches and Candler School of Theology serve as host sites for the courses. The curriculum provides excellent theological education for a lay, ecumenical student body. The goal of the Lay Theology Institute is to provide stimulating theological study to persons regardless of their religious or academic background.

Candler Course Access is dedicated to making Candler classes available to non-degree-seeking individuals. Clergy, lay leaders, alumni, or anyone interested in attending a theology class may apply to Course Access.

Course Access classes are not for credit and there are no tests or educational requirements. Academic credit may be earned by registering as a special, non-degree student.

Made possible by the Susan H. and W. H. Marcy Trust, this program works to improve the quality of preaching in the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Annually, six pastors nominated by their district superintendents participate in a week of seminars and special study on the Emory campus during the month of October. Participants return to their respective congregations in Florida to demonstrate their new skills and then attend a March Marcy Preaching Fellowship reunion in Florida to share their experiences with one another.

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