John Snarey

Franklin Parker Professor of Human Development and Ethics
John Snarey
Phone: 404.727.4185
    • EdD, Harvard University, 1982
    • MA, Wheaton College, 1973
    • BS, Geneva College, 1969

    Dr. John R. Snarey is the Franklin Parker Professor of Human Development and Ethics at Candler School of Theology. Named for Candler’s second dean, the Parker Chair honors outstanding research, teaching, and service, which Snarey exemplifies as a widely published psychologist and educator who has served on the Candler faculty since 1987.

    Snarey is also an associated professor in the Department of Psychology and the Division of Educational Studies at Emory, teaches in the Graduate Division of Religion in the Laney Graduate School and is affiliated with Emory’s Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture.

    He is interested in the psychology of religion, the psychology of morality and the thought of William James, and he currently serves on the editorial board of William James Studies, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. Snarey’s current research makes use of developmental, cross-cultural, neuroimaging and historical methods.

    He is noted for his award-wining doctoral research and critical review in Psychological Bulletin on cross-cultural morality, as well as his book How Fathers Care for the Next Generation: A Four-Decade Study (Harvard University Press, 1993).

    Snarey served as President of the Association for Moral Education from 2004 to 2007, and is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association.

    Selected publications

    • Faculty Publication
    • Faculty Publication
    • Faculty Publication

    "Reflections on Generativity and Flourishing: A Response to Snow's Kohlberg Memorial Lecture," in Journal of Moral Education, vol. 44, issue 3 Taylor & Francis2015

    "Moral education in the cognitive developmental tradition: Lawrence Kohlberg's revolutionary ideas," in Handbook of Moral and Character Education, Second EditionRoutledge2014

    "Lawrence Kohlberg: His Moral Biography, Psychology, and Pedagogy," in Portraits of Pioneers in Developmental PsychologyPsychology Press2011

    Co-author, "The Neural Processing of Moral Sensitivity to Issues of Justice and Care: An fMRI Study," in Neuropsychologia, vol. 45, issue 2 Elsevier2007

    Co-author, Race-ing Moral Formation: African American Perspectives on Care and Justice Columbia University Teachers College Press2004

    Editor, "William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience and Moral Formation," a special issue of the [italics]Journal of Moral Education[italics], vol. 32, no. 4 Taylor & Francis2003

    Editor, "The Natural Environment's Impact upon Religious Ethics: A Cross-Cultural Study," in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, vol. 35, no. 2 Wiley1996

    Co-author, How Fathers Care for the Next Generation: A Four-Decade Study Harvard University Press1992

    Co-editor, Remembrances of Lawrence Kohlberg Emory University1988

    "The cross-cultural universality of social-moral development: A critical review of Kohlbergian research," in Psychological Bulletin, vol. 97, issue 2 American Psychological Association1985

    Selected awards

    Kuhmerker Career Award, Association for Moral Education

    Moral Development and Education SIG Book Award (contributing author), American Educational Research Association

    Fellow, American Educational Research Association, 2008-present.

    Fellow, American Psychological Association, 2007-present.

    Albert E. Levy Scientific Research Award (article co-author), Emory University

    Moral Development and Education SIG Book Award for Race-ing Moral Formation: African American Perspectives on Care and Justice, American Education Research Association

    Marie C. Keel Award for Excellence in Mentoring, Educational Psychology, GSU

    James Moran Award for Exceptional Research in Family Relations & Child Dev., AAFCS

    William J. Goode Book Award first runner-up, American Sociological Association

    Outstanding Human Development Research Award, American Education Research Association

    Selected courses

    Psychology of Moral Development and Education

    William James: Psychology and Religious Experience

    Erik Erikson: The Life Cycle and Generativity

    Psychology of Religion

    Moral Development and Education