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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Candler School of Theology is grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by the Wesleyan tradition of evangelical piety, ecumenical openness, and social concern. Its mission as a university-based school of theology is to educate—through scholarship, teaching, and service—faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world.


Candler is committed to:

  • Scholarship and teaching that are in critical and creative dialogue with the traditions of both church and university.
  • The interaction of theoretical and practical learning in the classroom, in the church, and in other public settings.
  • An approach to curriculum and to teaching that seeks to enhance and integrate the intellectual, personal, professional, and spiritual growth of students.
  • The preparation of leaders to participate in ministries of justice and reconciliation.
  • A community of faith and learning inclusive of women and men who are diverse in ethnic, economic, social, and national background.
  • An educational community that embraces voices and gifts from diverse religious and theological traditions.
  • An educational context and educational goals that are ecumenical and international.
  • A dynamic relationship of research and learning with local church congregations.
  • The fulfillment of its calling as a theological school of The United Methodist Church.

Mission Statement and Commitments adopted by the Candler Faculty, December 7, 1992

Vision Statement

Candler School of Theology seeks continually to strengthen its role as an intellectually vital, internationally distinguished, and intentionally diverse university-based school of theology, committed to educating ministers, scholars of religion, and other leaders, expanding knowledge of religion and theology, deepening spiritual life, strengthening the public witness of the churches, and building upon the breadth of Christian traditions, particularly the Wesleyan heritage, for the positive transformation of church and world. 

Core Values

  • Candler encourages critical and faithful engagement with the Christian tradition.
  • Candler stands for the highest standard of intellectual and theological integrity.
  • Candler celebrates the value of diversity.
  • Candler promotes an ecumenical vision of the church.
  • Candler is dedicated to social justice.
  • Candler is a community of formative practices.