Candler Centennial Medals

Extraordinary Gifts of Service for 100 Years

Like any good story, Candler’s history is best told through the actions of its heroes and heroines. Dean Jan Love and the Centennial Committee have selected 56 such men and women to honor for their extraordinary service to the school, the church, and society over the past century. These 56 individuals—administrators, faculty, alumni, and supporters, including some who are no longer with us—are each receiving a Centennial Medal for demonstrating one or more of the core values by which Candler seeks to define itself: the highest standards of intellectual inquiry, devotion to the Christian tradition, passion for social justice, an egalitarian spirit, and a commitment to practices of transformation. Their outstanding contributions to transforming the world in the name of Christ are Candler’s legacy of these first 100 years.

Asa Griggs Candler

Warren Akin Candler 1875C 1935H
Emory University

Plato Tracy Durham
Dean of Candler, 1914-1918

William A. Shelton
Original Faculty Member, Collector

Andrew Sledd
Original Faculty Member, Public Theologian

Franklin Nutting Parker
Dean of Candler, 1919-1937

Ernest Cadman Colwell
Scholar, Administrator

Arthur J. Moore 14C 34H
Methodist Bishop

Neal Bond Fleming 33C 36T
Dean, Oxford College of Emory University

Henry Burton Trimble
Dean of Candler, 1937-1953

Kiyoshi Tanimoto 40T 86H
Theologian; Humanitarian

Mack B. Stokes
Professor, United Methodist Bishop, Founding Director of the Graduate Division of Religion

Goodrich C. White 1908C 65H
Emory University President, 1942-1957

Jack Boozer 40C 42T
Emory Professor

G. Ray Jordan 21T
Pastor, Professor

L. Bevel Jones III 46C 49T 97H
United Methodist Bishop

William Ragsdale Cannon 69H
First Dean of Candler, 1953-1968, United Methodist Bishop

Gene Zimmerman 54T
United Methodist Pastor

James M. Wall 49C 55T 85H
Editor, The Christian Century

Brady Whitehead, Jr. 55T 57G
Course of Study Faculty

William Mallard

Haviland Houston 58T
Denominational Leader

D.W. and Ruth Brooks

Don Harp 66T
United Methodist Pastor

James T. Laney
Dean of Candler, 1969-1977, President Emeritus of Emory University, Ambassador to Korea

Charles V. Gerkin

E. Brooks Holifield
Professor, Scholar

Channing R. Jeschke
Library Director

William L. Self 71T
Baptist Pastor, Denominational Leader

Larry M. Goodpaster 73T 82T
United Methodist Bishop

Don E. Saliers
Professor, Scholar

B. Michael Watson 74T
United Methodist Bishop

Susan Bishop 75T
Chaplain, Choir Director

Susan T. Henry-Crowe 76T
United Methodist Elder, Denominational Leader

Emmanuel McCall, Sr. 76T
Baptist Pastor, Denominational Leader

Margaret A. Pitts

E. Claiborne Jones 78T
Episcopal Priest, Social Activist

Timothy McDonald III 78T
Pastor, Activist

James L. Waits
Dean of Candler, 1978-1991

Fred B. Craddock
Preacher, Professor

Luther E. Smith, Jr.
Professor, Scholar, Advocate for Civil and Human Rights

Carol A. Newsom
Professor, Scholar

Kenneth Samuel 81T
Pastor, Social Activist

Frank W. and Helen V. Sherman
Business Leaders, Philanthropists

M. Patrick Graham 83G
Library Director, Building Committee Chair

Janice Huie 89T
United Methodist Bishop

Rosetta Ross 89T 95G
United Methodist Elder, Religion Professor

O. Wayne 86H and Grace Crum Rollins 95H

R. Kevin LaGree
Dean of Candler, 1991-1999

Luke Timothy Johnson
Professor, Scholar

Kenneth E. 92T and Cassandra 93T Marcus
Pastors in the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Nancy Eiesland 91T 95G
Scholar, Professor

Russell E. Richey
Dean of Candler, 2000-2006

Gary S. Hauk 91G

James W. Wagner
President of Emory University

Woodie W. White
United Methodist Bishop