Charles Howard Candler Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Care Emmanuel Y. Lartey has recently co-edited two anthologies that examine paradigm shifts in the areas of spiritual care and pastoral theology.

lartey-postcolonial.pngPostcolonial Practices of Care: A Project of Togetherness during COVID-19 and Racial Violence (Wipf and Stock Publishers) focuses on practices of care during the pandemic and contributes to an ongoing move toward the importance of decoloniality as a method in the field of pastoral care. This method addresses the ways in which spiritual violence overlaps with modernity, colonialism, racial capitalism, neoliberalism, and (conscious and unconscious) white Christian supremacy. The collection seeks to emphasize the shared practices that bring us together by presenting the voices of educators, chaplains, students, and human rights and disability activists, among others.

international-handbook-of-practical-theology.jpgThe International Handbook of Practical Theology (De Gruyter) contends that practical theology has outgrown its traditional pastoral paradigm. Featuring 61 authors from different parts of the world, the open access volume offers insightful transcultural conceptions of religion and religious matters gathered from various cultures and traditions of faith to encourage a rethinking of religious practice in today’s world.