Student Services Under COVID-19

The Office of Student Life will continue to support students spiritually, intellectually, professionally and communally. Preparation for online academic support and professional development/career services support for what will be an even more challenging post-graduation world have been priorities. Please be on the lookout for further details about opportunities for spiritual and community life!

Academic Support

The Candler Writing Center is open for online tutoring appointments. Zane McGee, the director, has prepared a terrific Student Guide to Online Tutoring.

OSL tutors will maintain their same work schedules. Students will sign up for appointments in the usual way and then have options for conferencing and screen sharing via Zoom; collaboration (live editing) preferably via Microsoft 365 or Google Docs if necessary. Zoom and Microsoft 365 are available and free to all students.  Students who have connectivity challenges may email documents to the tutor and then phone into Zoom (no internet connection required) to meet with the tutor. 

Jamila Barton, Candler’s TESL instructor, is moving her class online as well, and students in the class will be responsible for their required tutoring hours.

Please help our tutors maintain good boundaries so that they can focus on their own work, too. They will be available during “office hours,” not in the middle of the night or on demand.

Finally, our aim is to continue making better writers, not simply better papers—no proofreading services!

For information on remote learning and resources for students in an online learning environment, visit the Remote Learning page. There you'll also find the application for emergency loans.

Career Services and Professional Development

All appointments will be taken via Zoom.

Virtual office hours are Tuesdays 2:30 – 4:30 pm: 

Virtual group job search sessions are Thursdays 11:30 am – 1 pm, especially for those graduating but not limited to graduating students:

Virtual library of resources is available on Canvas and on   

Any additional programming that’s necessary will be brought online.

The focus will be on finding ways to help people meet immediate financial needs, especially as they graduate, and then helping them hold and move toward their bigger picture goals in conjunction with immediate needs.

Spiritual and Community Life

The remaining programs and events scheduled for this spring have been cancelled, however the OSL has come up with alternative ways to support students remotely and create community in creative ways. Quentin Samuels, Sarah Carlson, and Ellen Echols Purdum all will be available to respond to students’ questions and concerns through email, phone/Zoom appointments, and through regular (perhaps twice weekly) “Hang Out” sessions for any student to join. OSL's community and spiritual life coordinators will be doing regular check-ins and small group gatherings with students. The weekly Life@Candler newsletter will continue to go out with updates on programming.

University Services

Emory University will continue to provide key support services to students, albeit on a more limited basis.  Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) in particular will be available, so please be sure to check those websites.