Tubman-Thurman-Tutu (T3) House

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In their own words

Tubman-Thurman-Tutu (T3) House focuses on the needs and interests of Black students. This house is animated by the charisms of academic excellence, an orientation toward justice, an environment of home and belonging for Black international students, and the spirituality of the Black church.



The four-bedroom, two-bathroom house is located very near Emory’s campus.

We anticipate that the total rent for the property will be $2,725 monthly (not including utilities). Per room rent will vary based on the number of residents (4 or 5) but will likely run between $600 and $685 for a single room.

Please be aware that rental rates are not set by Candler and therefore all rental amounts are subject to change based on the decision of the property owner. Per room rates are subject to change based on the number of students in the house and the relative size of individual rooms.


Community Partners

Candler Black Student Caucus
Candler Black Church Studies