St. Joseph's House

One of two Episcopal houses, the spiritual life of St. Joseph's House is Anglo-Catholic: placing an emphasis on the rhythm of the observation of the Daily Office, devotion to the saints, and exploration of spiritual practices of the early Church. Student residents do not need to be Episcopal or Anglican to be considered but will need to commit to the rhythms of prayer commended by the Book of Common Prayer. St. Joseph’s House is rooted in the charism of fraternitas, or siblinghood. We aspire to be kin to one another despite differences of spiritual practices or traditions. Finally, the community seeks to encourage continued discernment, relationship building, and growth not only with its house but also with the St. Vedast’s House and the wider Episcopal Anglican Studies Program at Candler.

The house is a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home on N. Decatur Road.

Please be aware that rental rates are not set by Candler and therefore all rental amounts are subject to change based on the decision of the property owner. Per room rates are subject to change based on the number of students in the house and the relative size of individual rooms.

We anticipate that the total rent for the property will be $2,625 monthly (not including utilities). Per room rent will vary based on the number of residents (4 or 5) but will likely run between $465 for a shared room and between $500-$725 for a single. (Anticipated vacancies: 2-3)

Community Partner: Candler's Episcopal Anglican Studies program



Bedroom 1


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Living Room


Prayer Room





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