St. Clare’s House

students serving Holy Communion

In their own words

St. Clare’s House celebrates neighborliness, hospitality, joy, inclusivity, and good humor and is committed to being a safe space for LGBTQIA+ members. This community strives to engage in celebration and recreation with an attitude of “Holy Chaos,” striving to incorporate impromptu times for both celebration and recreation within the rhythm of the community.



St. Clare’s House is located in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom parsonage adjacent to Park Avenue Baptist Church in Grant Park. Applicants should be aware that the home is six miles from Candler and we advise that you have personal transportation and a parking pass.

We anticipate that rent will be $525 per student per month for the shared room, $600 per student per month for the single rooms (price includes utilities). (Anticipated vacancies: 3-4)

Rental rates are not set by Candler and therefore all rental amounts are subject to change based on the decision of the property owner. Per room rates are subject to change based on the number of students in the house and the relative size of individual rooms.


Community Partner

Park Avenue Baptist Church