Bethany House

two students sitting in a living room during Advent, one playing guitar

In their own words

Bethany House is an inclusive community of Catholics and Christians who pray together and share meals regularly. Our main charism is hospitality, especially in hosting warm, homey meals and community gatherings. We live out this charism of hospitality through sharing and combining our creative gifts with one another: cooking, art, music, prayer liturgy, etc. Bethany House also practices simple living to care for our shared home: the Earth.



Bethany House is in a four-bedroom, two-bathroom dwelling with space for four or five students located right on the edge of Emory’s campus.

We anticipate that the total rent for the house will be $2,620 monthly (not including utilities). Per room rent will vary based on the number of residents (four or five) but will likely run $525-$685 for a single room.

Rental rates are not set by Candler and therefore all rental amounts are subject to change based on the decision of the property owner. Per room rates are subject to change based on the number of students in the house and the relative size of individual rooms.


Community Partners

Candler’s Catholic Studies program
The Aquinas Center of Theology