Special Interest Area Programs

Special Interest Area Programs

Candler's programs support a variety of educational and vocational resources for students, alumni and members of the broader community interested in a particular field, regardless of denominational affiliation.

Candler’s Black Church Studies program prepares men and women to provide learned, prophetic and compassionate leadership in Black and multiracial churches; and educates the entire Candler community about the origins, development and contemporary diversity of the Black church tradition.

Candler's concentration in Chaplaincy introduces students to the breadth of contexts in which one can serve in caregiving ministry while also providing depth in the practices of spiritual care. This concentration is ideal for those seeking APC board certification as a chaplain, eventual pursuit of licensing as a pastoral counselor, or other nonprofit leadership roles that require significant direct care of spiritual needs.

Candler's Religious Education program coordinates the school's efforts to prepare students to teach in faith communities and school settings, to provide leadership for educational ministries, to advocate for the strengthening of education in religious communities and society, and to facilitate conversations on religious education in and among academic and ecclesial contexts.

Candler's Women, Theology, and Ministry program educates women and men to be transformative leaders and advocates for the well being of girls and women in the church and in the world.

Candler’s World Christianity program forms students for ministry, service, and leadership in culturally and internationally diverse Christian communities. Through the interdisciplinary study of Christianity as a faith present throughout the world, students will attain a working knowledge of the cultural, racial and ethnic, linguistic, and national diversity of Christians in the United States and globally. Students will increase their understanding of cross-cultural, cross-racial, interreligious, and/or global ministry through the mastery of theories, models, new rationalities, and methodologies (including intercultural critique and ethnographic study) central to the field of world Christianity.

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