Ongoing Scholarship Expansion Makes Candler Possible for More Students

December 17, 2020

Known for one of the most robust financial aid programs in theological education, Candler School of Theology continues to expand its scholarship offerings for students admitted to its master of divinity (MDiv) and master of theological studies (MTS) degree programs who enter in fall 2021.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Candler awarded $6.3 million in financial aid, with 98% of all students and 100% of Master of Divinity students receiving scholarship assistance—including 3-year, full tuition scholarships for all certified candidates for ordination in The United Methodist Church. All MDiv, MTS, and master of religious leadership (MRL) students who are enrolled part-time or more receive a scholarship covering at least 50% of tuition for the length of their program.

“Over the past several years, Candler has worked hard to raise the floor for scholarships, which has been huge both in terms of equity and reducing student debt,” says Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Samuel Martinez. “But we not only raised the floor—we also broadened it, making more 50% scholarships available. This latest expansion adds both bigger scholarships and a wider reach to serve more students.”

This year, Candler has expanded its merit-based awards, which cover 75% or more of tuition. 65 merit scholarships are available, translating to honors scholarships for more than half of the incoming class.

Prospective students are automatically considered for Candler scholarships when they submit their application for admission—there’s no additional scholarship application necessary. And, once awarded, a primary scholarship renews annually for the length of the degree program as long as the student remains in good standing and continues to meet the scholarship’s requirements. Students can count on the scholarship as part of their financial plan to fund their education. As Martinez puts it, “They can take our scholarship offer to the bank.”

Recent additions to Candler’s scholarship program include:

  • Two new merit scholarships covering 100% of tuition for three years for qualifying MDiv students
  • One new merit scholarship covering 100% of tuition for two years for a qualifying MTS student, bringing to six the total number of full-tuition MTS scholarships.
  • Three new MDiv scholarships covering 100% of tuition for three years plus an annual $3,000 stipend. These are now the third highest award Candler offers.
  • New merit scholarships covering 75% of tuition for three years for qualifying MDiv students pursuing LGBTQ ministries, Catholic studies, Episcopal and Anglican studies, or serving as licensed local pastors through Candler’s Teaching Parish program

Apply for admission to the MDiv degree program for Candler’s spring 2021 semester by January 3 and you may be eligible to receive a 50% tuition discount for the spring term, along with honors scholarship consideration to begin in fall 2021.

Apply for admission to Candler’s MDiv, MTS, or MRL degree programs for the fall of 2021 by the January 15 priority deadline and you’ll receive top consideration for scholarships and aid.

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