Arriving at Candler is only the start. From here, who knows where your studies might take you?

Second-year MDiv student Ben Adams is currently spending a month in Israel/Palestine, an opportunity he discovered in the midst of his study abroad year at Cambridge University's Wesley House.

Third-year MDiv student Khalfani Lawson is finishing up a year at the University of Goettingen in Germany.

Second-year MTS student Caitlin Russell traveled to Morocco last summer to further her studies in Arabic and Islam.

And third-year MDiv student Matthew McNutt recently returned from a semester at Methodist Theological University in Seoul.

"Studying in South Korea was one of the most eye-opening and mind-broadening experiences of my life," Matthew says. "My understanding of the world and of Methodism was stretched by living and learning with people from different cultures. I attended class with students from Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines, Myanmar, and more. But the most valuable takeaway was experiencing a small fragment of what it was like to be an immigrant, to not speak the language or understand the dominant culture, and to be viewed as different."

Read more from Matthew, as well as reflections from Ben and Caitlin, on Candler's blog, Enthused!   

From studying evangelism in South America to working for clean water in Haiti, dozens of Candler students have life-changing experiences each year in our varied international programs--academic exchanges and internships from Brazil to Kenya to Singapore and beyond, and travel seminars across five continents.

Speaking of travel seminars, two groups of students are gearing up to take on the world this summer. In May, Laney Professor in Moral Leadership Robert Franklin and a group of students will immerse themselves in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitian, Haiti, for a 10-day travel seminar focusing on moral leadership. Students will explore the country's historical sites, and will have the chance to learn about current issues in Haiti through the eyes of leaders in government, public service, education, and local business.

In August, students will join Professors Jehu Hanciles and Wesley de Souza for an evangelism seminar in Auckland, New Zealand, followed by a post-seminar tour to Sydney, Australia. Participants will meet local Christian leaders, learn new practices for reaching people for Christ, and will also have a chance to preach.

Whether you choose to participate in an academic exchange, travel seminar, internship or other study abroad opportunity while at Candler, you will experience the church in its great unity and diversity, while exploring what it means to be a faithful and creative leader, no matter where you are in the world.

Learn more about international study and travel at Candler.

[Photo: Candler student Matthew McNutt (far right) and other Methodist Theological University international graduate students pose together after the worship service they planned and led at Kwanglim Methodist Church in Seoul, the largest Methodist church in the world.]