In conjunction with Women's History Month, Candler School of Theology presents "A Culture of Diversity: Women at Candler," the newest installment in a series of videos about the school's history.

Introduced as part of the school’s Centennial commemoration, the Candler History Moment video series showcases major moments, movements and memories from Candler’s 100-year history. Rather than offering a comprehensive study of the topic, each short, two- to three-minute video highlights an event or series of events that were watershed moments leading to Candler as we know it today.

"A Culture of Diversity: Women at Candler" is the third video in the series and features key moments in the story of female students and faculty at the school, including the faculty's decision to accept women in 1922, the graduation of Candler's first female student in 1938, the arrival of Roberta C. Bondi and Carol A. Newsom as Candler's first female tenure-track professors, and the appointment of Jan Love as the school's first female dean, all turning points that define a culture of diversity.

The first video in the series, “Pitts Theology Library: Building the Collection,” tells the story of the purchase of the Hartford Theological Seminary library collection by Pitts Theology Library in 1975. This acquisition tripled Pitts’ holdings and catapulted it to national prominence. Today, Pitts is considered among the top three theology libraries in North America. Watch the Pitts video. The second video in the series, "A Culture of Diversity: Race Relations at Candler," recounts significant moments in the story of African Americans at Candler, including alumni signing the “Ministers’ Manifesto” to support integration of schools in 1957, Candler’s first black student in 1965, pioneer African American faculty members, and the development of the Black Church Studies program. Watch the Race Relations video.

As videos are added to the series, you can find them here.