STCTWCandler School of Theology has been named one of 27 “Seminaries that Change the World” (STCTW) for 2015 according to Faith3, an organization that seeks to support the church as it relates to young adults. Candler also appeared on the organization’s first STCTW list, published last year.

STCTW and Faith 3’s executive director, the Rev. Wayne Meisel, created the first-of-its-kind list to show service-minded young people the difference a theological education can make in their career and leadership development.

“Seminaries that Change the World is part of a movement to reclaim the important historic role that theological education has played in promoting community and justice while training and launching local and world leaders in all areas of society,” Meisel says. “The 2015 class of schools has demonstrated a commitment to invite, welcome, support, train and launch individuals into the world as community leaders.”

For the inaugural list in 2014, institutions were selected based on Faith3’s research and confidence regarding each school’s commitment to community engagement. Meisel traveled for three years to seminaries and divinity schools to weigh them for inclusion on the list. For consideration this year, schools filled out an application to demonstrate a commitment to engage in the world. Applications required signatures from faculty, administrators and at least three students.

Candler’s historical and continuing commitments to social justice and community engagement were among the attributes that highlighted the school for selection. Also of note were Candler’s active student groups, such as Candler Creation Keepers, Sacred Worth, and the Social Concerns Network, as well as the school’s distinguished faculty and alumni who are making a significant impact on society.

“The very title, Seminaries that Change the World, is a provocative reminder of what theological education has meant in the past and what its purpose and promise is for the future,” says Meisel.

Visit the STCTW website to view the full list.