Thomas G. Long, Candler's Bandy Professor of Preaching, was among the presenters at this year's Institute of Preaching, held January 23-25. The event is hosted by The Centre for Leadership, Education and Training (C-LET), The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church (BCMC), and the Institute of Preaching, the United Methodist Church, Florida. 

This year's theme was "Go Preach! Preaching at the Crossroads." Long's presentations were titled "Preaching at the Crossroads of Mystery and Wisdom" and "Preaching at the Crossroads of Justice and Love." Long also facilitated a short course on preaching following the text book, Go Preach! by Rev. Jack Gilbert.

The Institute of Preaching began in January of 2013, and will take place once more in January 2015.

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