Candler ClubsOne of the most accessible venues for United Methodist alumni to personally connect to their alma mater and to their fellow graduates, the Candler Club gatherings debut Memorial Day weekend.

Candler Clubs offer an opportunity for alumni to get together during the United Methodist Annual Conferences of their area. Meals are served, and alumni have a chance to interact with Candler faculty or staff members and learn the latest news about the school. Between May 27 and June 22, a total of 27 Candler Clubs will take place around the country.

Normally, the chance for Candler alumni to connect is strong enough to drive interest and excitement but this year’s first Candler Club event carries even greater importance.

The first Candler Club is on Memorial Day, May 27, in Oklahoma City. Coming one week after a deadly tornado devastated the suburbs south of the city, relief efforts will be on everyone’s mind. While the Annual Conference and Candler Club event will go on as planned, the Oklahoma Conference has set up information and tornado relief websites for those interested in contributing to disaster response efforts.

Guests and activities vary by location. Visit the Candler Club page for dates and times in your area. Candler’s calendar page includes additional information as well.