Jacob Wright, associate professor of Hebrew Bible, has been named senior editor of The Marginalia Review of Books, a new international publication in the disciplines along the nexus of history, theology, and religion.

“Each year the academy produces thousands of monographs, many of whose findings are of great consequence. Yet this literature is very often inaccessible to readers beyond the academy—or even to readers across disciplinary borders,” said Wright. “What Marginalia does is make this work not only accessible but also relevant to the larger concerns facing both scholars and citizens. It promises to make a major contribution to ‘knowledge transfer’ in the humanities, a task that is increasingly recognized as critical to the academy’s future. And in the process, we hope to unleash creative synergies that yield new knowledge.” Wright will be spearheading the cultural essays division of Marginalia.

Marginalia is available online at http://themarginaliareview.com.