What Wonderous LoveTwo of Candler’s most distinctive features – its distinguished faculty and its impressive collection of art by John August Swanson – come together in “What Wondrous Love: Holy Week in Word and Art,” a new DVD and study guide designed for the Lenten season. 

In “What Wondrous Love,” Holy Week and Easter come alive in video commentaries by Candler faculty, paired with illustrations by John August Swanson. The DVD features six “chapter” commentaries by the faculty scholars plus a Swanson work of art focused on a familiar Scripture passage. The accompanying discussion guide depicts the Swanson artwork from the DVD along with thought-provoking questions to spark fresh insights into the Bible story.

Candler’s commentators include Thomas G. Long (who also authored the discussion guide), Luke Timothy Johnson, Carol Newsom, Steven Kraftchick, Jan Love, Walter Wilson, Carl Holladay, Joel LeMon, and Andrea White.

Los Angeles-based artist John August Swanson is recognized worldwide for his finely detailed, brilliantly colored paintings and original prints. His works are displayed in some of the world's most prestigious venues, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, The Art Institute of Chicago, London’s Tate Gallery, the Vatican Museums’ Collection of Modern Religious Art, and the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Candler’s holdings of Swanson’s work comprise the largest single collection of his art in the world.

“What Wondrous Love: Holy Week in Word and Art” follows the format of 2009’s “A Thrill of Hope: The Christmas Story in Word and Art,” which was the first production to feature Candler faculty and Swanson art. Both are published by Morehouse Education Resources and are available for purchase through Cokesbury online. 

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