Jacob WrightJacob L. Wright, Candler’s associate professor of Hebrew Bible, will host a conference at Emory May 6 – 8 entitled “Jews, Military Service, and Collective Belonging: From Antiquity to the Present.”

The conference, co-hosted by Derek Penslar of the University of Toronto, will explore the relationship between a minority group’s military service and sacrifice and its ability to affirm membership in a greater collectivity. Presenters will investigate that relationship by examining the perspective of Jewish communities over three millennia of history, from the Neo-Assyrian and Achaeminid Empires to the modern nation-state.

The conference begins on the evening of May 6, with an invitation-only keynote lecture by the University of Maryland’s Yoram Peri. On May 7 and 8, the conference will hold open sessions that the public may attend if they RSVP to Ryan Bonfiglio at rbonfig@emory.edu. A full list of open sessions and their locations is available on the Candler Calendar.