If 1914 “was an altogether splendid time to start a school of theology,” as Gary Hauk writes in his forthcoming book on the history of Candler, then 2014 is certainly an altogether splendid time to rejoice in the school’s centennial.

“The Candler Centennial in Story and Prophecy” is a yearlong celebration of the school’s 100th anniversary, highlighting memories of the past and visions for the future. It begins in August 2014 with Fall Convocation and the dedication of the final phase of our new building and continues through Spring Commencement 2015 with a slate of special guest lectures, musical performances, forums and conferences, room dedications, alumni reunions, exhibits in the new Pitts Theology Library, and the debut of Hauk’s book.

Luke Timothy Johnson, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and chair of the Centennial Celebration Committee, points to two dominant modes in Scripture that guide our celebration: narrative and prophecy.

“Story gives expression to the memory of a people: By faithfully and creatively remembering both the good and bad in its experience, the Candler community is prepared once more to move into the future,” he explains.

Prophecy, says Johnson, is not so much about predicting the future as it is about speaking a word to the present and thus affecting the future. “As a school of theology committed to the service of the church and the world, Candler must seek to discern the word that the church and world need to hear, and speak that word both clearly and compellingly,” he says.

Two phases mark the turn from our first to our second century. In fall of 2014, we focus on “Story: Remembering the Past” in events that highlight Candler’s historic significance within the larger Atlanta community and beyond. In spring of 2015, we move to “Prophecy: Addressing the Future,” as Candler hosts a major scholarly conference on theology to engage the challenges of the next century. Candler faculty will present papers proposing ways forward, and distinguished theologians from outside Candler will respond as panelists.

A full calendar of Centennial Celebration events and related details will be available at http://www.candler.emory.edu/news/centennial/index.cfm.