New Book by Womack Fosters Empathy Between Christians, Muslims

March 30, 2020

Deanna WomackA new book by Assistant Professor of History of Religions and Multifaith Relations Deanna Ferree Womack has been published by Westminster John Knox Press. It is her second monograph.

In Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community, Womack explores Christian-Muslim relations and interreligious dialogue in the U.S. today, while considering the history of Christianity in the Middle East and the roots of Islam in America. Pushing back against the idea that the only valid American Christian response to Islam is resistance, Womack lays a groundwork for members of Christianity and Islam to understand, converse, and cooperate with each other.

With models for cultivating empathy and interfaith awareness, the book is ideal for individual or group study and includes a discussion guide with links to videos, a timeline, and a glossary.