Kwok Anglican Tradition from Postcolonial PerspectiveThe latest book by Dean’s Professor of Systematic Theology Kwok Pui Lan is out October 17 from Church Publishing Incorporated. In The Anglican Tradition from a Postcolonial Perspective, Kwok focuses attention on voices of church leaders and theologians from the Global South, challenging Eurocentrism and racism in the Anglican Communion and offering the title’s postcolonial perspective on major historic and contemporary issues in Anglicanism.

Through this lens, Kwok analyzes Anglican theology and history to advocate for decolonization, looking particularly at controversial subjects that originate from Anglicanism’s history of colonialism—including Christianity and the social order, economic justice, gender and sexuality, women’s leadership, worship, and the mission of the Church in a world of diverse religions.

Kwok Pui Lan and Archbishop Marinez Bassotto with Kwok's awardIn addition to her new book, Kwok was honored on September 30 for her contributions to postcolonial theology and “in recognition of exemplary and transformative Christ-like servant leadership” in the global church by the inaugural Anglican Indigenous Leadership Initiative, held in Hastings, Aotearoa New Zealand. Kwok received the award from Archbishop Marinez Bassotto, primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, the first woman to serve as an Anglican bishop and the first woman elected primate in the Anglican churches of Central and South America.