Anthony Briggman

Department Chair

Anthony A. Briggman

Associate Professor of Early Christianity

Tony Alonso

Antonio Eduardo Alonso

Aquinas Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture

Sarah Bogue

Sarah Bogue

Associate Professor in the Practice of the History of Christianity

Alison Green

Alison Collis Greene

Associate Professor of American Religious History

Jehu Hanciles

Jehu J. Hanciles

D.W. and Ruth Brooks Professor of World Christianity

Helen Jin Kim

Helen Jin Kim

Associate Professor of American Religious History

Professor Kwok Pui Lan

Kwok Pui Lan

Dean’s Professor of Systematic Theology

Steffen Loesel

Steffen Lösel

Professor in the Practice of Systematic Theology

Joy McDougall

Joy Ann McDougall

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Ian McFarland

Ian A. McFarland

Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Theology

Edward Phillips

L. Edward Phillips

Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Christian Worship

Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds

Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies

Kendall Soulen

R. Kendall Soulen

Professor of Systematic Theology

Jonathan Strom

Jonathan Strom

Professor of Church History

Gabrielle Thomas

Gabrielle Thomas

Assistant Professor of Early Christianity and Anglican Studies

Deanna Womack

Deanna Ferree Womack

Associate Professor of History of Religions and Interfaith Studies