Volunteer Leadership

Alumni who demonstrate a significant commitment to Emory are often chosen to hold volunteer leadership roles. They represent their fellow alumni before the school and university administration, and identify opportunities for the community.

Candler Alumni Board

The Candler Alumni Board supports the school’s strategic plan and mission, and represents the school’s alumni.

Committee of 100

The Committee of 100 is comprised of clergy and laypersons with longstanding commitments to the Church. Member responsibilities include advising the Dean, serving as ambassadors for Candler and participating in annual giving.

Emory University Leadership

The Emory Alumni Board is tasked with developing and disseminating policies and overseeing the activities of the Emory Alumni Association. Candler has two representatives on the EAB: John Simmons and Chris Young.

The Emory Office of Annual Giving Board develops the giving and fundraising strategies that support Emory’s long-term goals. Members of the board serve as annual giving ambassadorsthrough individual donations, as well as partnerships with their representative schools to promote giving. Candler has two representatives on this board—Rahqwan (Rocky) Major 18T and Joy Abrams 14T.