Financial Literacy

Empowering Candler students to manage their finances.

No matter what your end goal is after seminary, Candler is dedicated to helping you make smart decisions with your money.

We take a holistic view of financial literacy that will support you as a student and well into the future, no matter your career.

What does this look like in action? We help students follow their call while minimizing student debt. We prepare future ministers, teachers, and public theologians to lead organizations with sound financial management. We offer courses on financial leadership, workshops and classes on budgeting and stewardship, and one-on-one coaching with financial planning professionals who equip students to thrive during and after seminary.


Our Faith and Finance program for Master of Divinity students provides a comprehensive approach to financial literacy, especially tailored to seminarians. The program is woven into the fabric of the MDiv curriculum, beginning with your first-year advising group, where you’ll learn from Candler faculty and financial planning professionals how to establish a budget to minimize debt early in your seminary career.

In your second year, your Contextual Education reflection group includes financial training for life as a ministerial professional. And in your final year, we help you plan for life after seminary, facing the challenges of taxes, retirement planning and savings as a church leader.


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This course (LA 650) is ideal for second- and third-year students who plan to enter parish ministry or nonprofit leadership. Through readings and real-life exercises, students learn how to lead and manage their congregations’ financial matters more faithfully, efficiently, and ethically. You’ll also learn organizational processes of sound financial management—including the oversight and protection of church assets.

Besides curricular offerings, Candler sponsors plenty of other opportunities for all students to improve their financial know-how. These include a variety of “Lunch and Learn” workshops, which put students in conversation with community partners with expertise in personal finance, church leadership, nonprofit management, tax law, and more!