Become a Site Mentor


The site mentor must fulfill the following requirements to be approved for the Contextual Education II program:

  • Be a ministry leader, typically a full-time employed, ordained pastor or person with comparable ministry experience and a graduate of an accredited seminary or possessing comparable education.
  • Be willing to meet with student in an intentional mentoring relationship for approximately 1.5 hours every other week.
  • Be prepared for each student to work eight hours per week for 26 weeks during the 28-week academic year, engaging in the full life of the site. (Note: Students are not required to be on-site during school breaks.)
  • Be able to accommodate your student’s practice in the five areas of ministry with opportunities to experience all of them during the academic year.
  • Be open to engage in educational ministry, understanding that this is an educational partnership between Candler and the site.


The following are general guidelines about what is expected of site mentors.

  • Review the Five Areas of Ministry to confirm that you and your site are appropriate for Contextual Education II.
  • Attend one of the Site Mentor Training sessions offered by the Office of Contextual Education.
  • Work with the student to complete a Learning Covenant.
  • Delegate supervision, when indicated to other key staff/laypersons related to particular ecclesial activities.
  • Require written material(s) when appropriate, especially related to responsibilities.
  • Complete evaluations at the end of each semester based on the student’s engagement with the Five Areas of Ministry.
  • Retain confidentiality of conversation, unless of urgent need.
  • Offer positive and professional role models for ministry, time to reflect theologically with the students, feedback to grow in relational and leadership skills, continuing formative evaluations and feedback, and aid in forming future leaders of the church and ecclesial settings.
  • Extend hospitality to the student.
  • Maintain a mechanism to verify weekly time and schedule (e.g., a time sheet).
  • Provide a meeting space at the Site for the student’s rotating reflection group at least once during the academic year.

Note: Students are not required to be on-site during school break.

Ecclesial practices for Contextual Education II are planned around five areas of ministry, noted below. It is possible that each student (or cluster of students) may have a primary responsibility in the site. However, each student must participate in a minimum of two practices in each of the Five Areas of Ministry throughout the academic year.

  1. Leadership and Administration
  2. Gathering, Proclamation, and Engagement
  3. Pastoral Care and Community Care
  4. Outreach, Mission, and Advocacy
  5. Religious Education and Spiritual Formation

Churches interested in becoming a Contextual Education II site, or needing to update site information, should contact the Office of Contextual Education at or 404-727-4178.