Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at Candler takes many forms—from a lively worship schedule, to activities designed to promote reflection, to engaging in dialogue and spiritual practices with other religious communities on Emory’s campus.

As an inherent part of their theological education, students at Candler look for God’s movements in themselves, in others, and in the world around them. To assist in students’ processes of spiritual growth and discernment, Candler fosters opportunities both for communal formation and for individuals and small groups to learn new practices of prayer and meditation. Learn more.

Many students come to Candler with a strong sense of vocation and a desire to serve God and the church. They also come with many questions about how they are to use their gifts, passions and commitments. Candler creates a unique environment in which students have the time and space to think critically about their call and their hopes for themselves and the world. Through the Office of Student Life (OSL), Candler assists students as they explore diverse opportunities for congregational ministry, community leadership and theological scholarship. Learn more.

Candler School of Theology shares Cannon Chapel with other religious communities on Emory’s campus and collaborates with the university’s Office of Spiritual and Religious Life to encourage students from different faith traditions to participate in dialogue and spiritual practices with one another. Many Candler students interested in chaplaincy, campus ministry or interfaith work fulfill their required second year of Contextual Education by interning in the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life. Learn more.

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