Academic Development & Support

  • Through the Conversation Partners Program, students from different cultural and social backgrounds develop relationships with one another.

  • International and off-campus study opportunities can enrich your academic experience and help define your calling.

  • The Writing Center offers workshops on everything from writing a thesis to applying to a PhD program.

Academic Development & Support

Candler School of Theology prepares real people to make a real difference in the real world. Our students come from all walks of life, with different professional and academic experiences. Some are returning to school after years away from the classroom, while others are making a career change, and others still are non-native English speakers.

That’s why Candler and Emory University offer a variety of programs and resources to help students meet the demands of the classroom. From sponsoring workshops and professional development events, to providing an accessible and "barrier-free" environment, Candler and Emory ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop his or her gifts, in order to make a difference in the world. 

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual consultations as well as group workshops for interested students. To schedule a consultation please visit the online reservation system.

One-on-One Writing Consultations

These 30-minute sessions are a time for students to gather feedback on their writing assignments — from sermons to scholarly research papers. The consultation can focus on idea generation, writing composition, or grammar and punctuation. The sign-up sheet is at the front desk in the Office of Student Programming.

Writing Workshops and Resources

The Writing Center offers four workshops per semester, which focus on a variety of writing and academic skills such as managing your reading load or preparing for an exegesis paper. Check the Candler calendar for the schedule of upcoming workshops.

Click here to view our extensive list of external writing resources from seminaries and other reputable writing sources.

ESOL Writing and Academic Program

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Writing and Academic Program is designed to meet the needs of Candler’s diverse non-native English speaking community. ESOL language assessments and courses in written and oral English language skills are tailored to support first-year students’ academic success in theological studies at Candler.

In addition to classroom instruction, tutors and Conversation Partners are available to provide one-on-one assistance for ESOL students at different levels of language proficiency. The Conversation Partners Program also provides important opportunities for developing relationships and promoting cultural exchange. Tutoring sessions are held in the Office of Student Programming, RARB 311. Click here to download the most recent version of the ESL student handbook.

Writing Center Staff

Zane McGee
Director of the Candler Writing Center and Academic Skills ADVANCE Course Instructor

Zane is the Director of the Writing Center, ADVANCE Instructor, and is also a PhD candidate in the Graduate Division of Religion at Emory University. His research focuses on the use of family metaphors and moral education in the New Testament. Zane completed his MTS at Candler, where he served as a tutor in the Writing Center as well. He is actively involved in teaching at his local church and enjoys living at the crossroads of the Church and Academy—an intersection well-captured at Candler. His only current hobby is keeping up with his three boys, who never run out of energy.

Academic Skills Tutors

Andy Blakemore Headshot 2017Andy Blakemore

Andy is a third-year MDiv student at Candler and a tutor for the Candler Writing Center and looks forward to every appointment. He is from Kansas, and earned his master's degree in religious studies from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He is a seminarian at Holy Trinity Episcopal parish in Decatur. He loves to read and to grow as a writer, and is always eager to engage with new ideas. In his spare time, Andy has started studying the Korean language.

Danielle Campbell 18Danielle Campbell

Danielle is a third-year Master of Divinity student from Williamsburg, Virginia, with concentrations in Leadership in Church & Community and Criminal Justice Ministries. Danielle earned both her BA in Anthropology and MPP in education and social policy from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, before serving as an AmeriCorps member in support of children, families, and seniors in low-income communities. Her career continued as she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to work for a congressionally-chartered nonprofit organization that supports community development in the United States; she then transitioned to work at the administrative headquarters of Habitat for Humanity International, a "Christian housing ministry” that has addressed the issues of poverty housing all over the world. Danielle hopes to blend in-church/out-of-church community ministry activities into a collective form of Christian discipleship for faith communities and their geographical locations. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, Latin dancing, singing, and attending festivals.

Isaiah Lewis 18Cassie Hawkins






Danielle Campbell 18Hannah Kelly

Hannah is a first-year Master of Divinity student involved in the Episcopal and Anglican studies program. She recently graduated with high distinction from Duke University, where she double majored in Computer Science and English, and minored in Creative Writing. When she isn't writing, you might find her reading, walking outside, petting a cat, or listening to country music.

Danielle Campbell 18Cameron Garrett

Cameron is an MDiv student with aspirations of graduating in 2021; he loves sporting fandom (particularly Liverpool FC and Terps' Basketball), perusing Twitter for calamitous scandal, and performing the penance of hot yoga. Cameron does not like coleslaw. He struggles to breathe through his nose due to his deviated septum. 

Danielle Campbell 18Jazzy Johnson

Jazzy Johnson, a proud Native Texan and adopted Chicagoan, is an experienced educator who specializes in curating and facilitating transformative spaces for learning and listening in the area of social justice. She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and minor in Sociology. Jazzy is passionate about accompanying young people on their journeys of liberation, particularly in the areas in which oppressive systems have distorted their view of themselves, others, God, and creation. She currently serves as a Resource Specialist for InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries Department (BCM). Jazzy recently relocated to Atlanta where she is pursuing her Master of Divinity at Candler School of Theology. She hopes to someday pursue a joint appointment as Chaplain for the nation of Wakanda and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Seul-bin Lee (not pictured)

Seulbin is a second-year Master of Divinity student from South Korea. She graduated from Yonsei University, South Korea with BA both in Theology and Mass Communication. Writing is what she finds to be the most attractive skill she wants to cultivate in both Korean and English. Seulbin finds joy in listening to other’s ideas and theologies and working with them to polish their ideas in their writings. Learning Theology in Yonsei exposed her to wrestling with conflicting norms and values between Christianity and broader society and developed her interest in how Christian faith is interwoven with public morality. She served as a teaching mentor for both OT501 and HC501 at Candler. Seulbin also served as a chaplain for Gwinnett Medical Center and Emory University Hospital during her first year. The chaplain experiences sharpened her interest toward the intersection among health, ethics, and social ethics. In her spare time, she goes to dances classes and group fitness classes at WoodPEC.

For more information about the writing center, contact Zane McGee, Director of the Candler Writing Center and Academic Skills ADVANCE Course Instructor or visit the office in RARB 311.

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Professional Development Fund

Through the OSP, Candler offers financial support for student attendance at professional conferences and events offered by other organizations. Students who participate in these learning experiences are asked to share their findings with others at Candler both in academic and informal situations.

To submit an application for the professional development fund, complete:

Print these documents and return them to the Office of Student Programming in RARB 311.

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Office of Accessibility Services

Office of Accessibility Services of Emory University assists qualified students, faculty and staff in obtaining a variety of services (i.e., alternative testing, notetaking, interpreting, advocacy, mobility/transportation, etc.) and ensures that all matters of equal access, reasonable accommodation, and compliance are properly addressed.

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International and Off-Campus Study Opportunities

Candler prepares leaders for the worldwide church and offers students the opportunity to enrich their learning experience by participating in a variety of international and U.S. study programs. Through academic exchanges, travel seminars and internships, students learn about diverse cultures and faith communities. As they witness and participate in God’s work around the world, Candler students transform their own vision of what it means to be faithful and creative leaders. For more information about these programs visit the International Study & Travel page and the U.S. Study & Travel page.

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IT Media Services

Candler IT Media Services provides audiovisual support and computer services for members of the theology school in order to meet its academic mission goals. Learn more.

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