Black Church Studies Faculty

James Abbington, Associate Professor of Music and Worship
Professor Abbington's research interests include music and worship in the Christian church, African American sacred folk music, organ, choral music, and ethnomusicology. Professor Abbington serves as Executive Editor of the African American Church Music Series by GIA Publications (Chicago) and Codirector of Music for the Hampton University Ministers' Conference and Choir Directors' Organists' Guild Workshop.

Noel L. Erskine, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Professor Erskine's research focuses on black church history and on theological method in the work of Karl Barth, James Cone, Paul Tillich, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Teresa L. Fry Brown, Associate Professor of Homiletics
Professor Fry Brown's research interests include homiletics with an emphasis in African American and womanist styles, and womanist ethics, sociology, and history focusing on African American spiritual values.

Emmanuel Y. Lartey, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Care and Counseling
Professor. Lartey is interested in pastoral care, counseling, and theology in different cultural contexts, with particular reference to African, British, and American expressions. He is researching the theological implications and practical effects of pastoral care in a diversity of cultures. He also teaches in Emory's Graduate Division of Religion in the Person, Community, and Religious Life Program.

Luther E. Smith Jr., Professor of Church and Community
Professor Smith's current research focuses on the role of congregations in public health issues.

Andrea C. White, Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture
Professor White specializes in constructive Christian theology and womanist theology, with research interests especially in the doctrine of God, theology of otherness, womanist perspectives on theological anthropology, postmodern theories of alterity, and the relationship between philosophy and theology.

Bishop Woodie W. White, Bishop in Residence
Bishop Woodie W. White recently retired from the Indiana Conference, United Methodist Church. From 1969 to 1984 he was General Secretary of the General Commission on Religion and Race of the United Methodist Church. Elected a Bishop in 1984, he served the Illinois Great Rivers Area prior to coming to Indiana. He was president of the General Board of Discipleship from 1988-1992 and president of the Council of Bishops in 1996-1997.