For Students

Student Employment

The Candler Office of Admissions and Financial Aid maintains listings of student employment opportunities at Candler as well as positions in the Atlanta community. Many positions provide valuable ministerial experience as well as financial support. In addition, the Emory University Office of Student Employment maintains a comprehensive listing of student employment opportunities throughout the entire Emory Community. Candler students with previous RA or other campus housing related experience may wish to consider applying for Residence Hall Director positions or other housing positions at Emory as well.

The Career Center

Below are a few tools offered by the Career Center that address frequently asked questions by students seeking career assistance.

How do I…

Eagle Ops
Eagle Ops is Emory's on-line career management system helping students connect with hiring organizations for a wide variety of employment opportunities. On Campus Interviews are managed through this site, as well as a calendar feature that includes the most current information on upcoming career related programs and events.

The Emory Network
Search the Alumni Directory online for alumni who are willing to be career contacts. Click on "Career Contact Search" and filter by geography, industry, and more. Find a more detailed instructions on how to use the alumni directory.

Vocational Discernment
Students come to Candler with a strong sense of vocation and a desire to serve God and the church, as well as with many questions about how they are to use their gifts, passions, and commitments. The Office of Student Programs helps to create a unique environment in which students have the time and space to think critically about their call and their hopes for themselves and the world.

Office of Methodist Studies
The Office of Methodist Studies assists students with information, consultation, and group opportunities for integrating theological education and the candidacy process for commissioning and ordination in The United Methodist Church. Read more about the candidacy process.

Office of Contextual Education
Contextual Education combines academic instruction with opportunities for formation in ministry and leadership in churches, social service agencies, hospitals and other clinical and social settings.

Ministerial Internships
Internships are a student initiated practical experience for which the student gains academic credit at Candler. Internships provide students with an opportunity to tailor their course of study by meeting specific ministry-learning goals they have. It also can be an important avenue for discernment of the student's professional ministry and calling.

Additional career resources are available through: